BioWare wants to change how party controls work in next Dragon Age game

Dragon Age executive producer Mark Darrah recently revealed that they are probably going to rethink how companions are handled in the next installment of the popular fantasy series. According to Darrah, the development team is “likely to take party control in a different direction.”

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Ashlen421d ago

How about just going back to a tabletop style like DA:O which was BY FAR the best Dragon Age.

Last_Boss420d ago

But they need to keep the expansive world, but connect how you come across new areas. But you're right on combat.

RememberThe357420d ago

Sounds like they're doing the opposite

Dark_Knightmare2420d ago

Dude I love origins for the characters and story but the combat was trash in that game

PhoenixUp421d ago

The only reason I played Dragon Age: Origins was cuz I was told that the combat system played similarly to FFXII, which is my favorite

TheMystiqueAgent420d ago

This can be their greatest downfall. While 2 was made for consoles ( it seemed to be that it was ) DA:O was probably the most fun. Make/keep it strategic try to change too much up and we end up where Mass Effect was/is.

Last_Boss420d ago

2 was not made for consoles, it was EA rushing a sequel coming in high off the DA:O reception.

TheMystiqueAgent420d ago

Ah the controls and everything gave off the vibe that it was made for that.

LordoftheCritics420d ago

Bioware just do what you feel necessary. Listening to everyone will make your game like everything out there.

I want to play new games, make something new, change whatever you need to change.

Sam Fisher420d ago

Just dont listen to sjw, thats my only concern

InKnight7s420d ago

Good luck quiting EA no matter what.

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