Sega Nerds review Sonic Chronicles

A few links to Sonic Chronicles reviews have been posted. But Sega Nerds is the website which won the contest to name the new race for the game - The Zoah.
It's pretty interesting to see what they had to say about the final game, as they had a (very) small part in it's development, and several hands-on previews.

From Source:
"Since winning the "Sonic Chronicles Name for a Race" contest earlier this year, where our name for a new race - The Zoah - won, we've been keeping a close eye on this title.

While we've had some hands-on time with the game when it was still in development, what we're now most interested in is if the retail version lives up to Bioware's (aka the RPG kings) reputation, or is this yet another bad Sonic game to add to a growing list?"

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RKRigney4376d ago

Wow. Points to them for not being biased...