MGS3 has the best music in gaming world

Members of voted for the best music featured in videogames. Opinions were split more than in any other vote held in so far. In the end, Metal Gear Solid 3 managed to get the first spot in the vote, but other entries of the Metal Gear Solid series fared well too.

Hit the source link to see the list of top ten individual games and the top three game series according to the vote.

Note: The translation provided by Google is far from perfect.

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ThatCanadianGuy3790d ago

I love that song 'Snake Eater' it fit in so nicely with the game

...Damn that was a hell of a game..i think im going to go dust off the o'l PS2

Veryangry_bot3790d ago

SnakeEater Main theme (or MGS3 maintheme) <--- even hotter
And that ending song, "fallen" or something. Awesome sh1t right there.

MGS2 was the first MGS on a new platform. Its considered as a lesser game in the whole franchise. But MGS3 was LEAPS and BOUNDS ahead of MGS2.

If this is any indication, than MGS4 might actually be the lesser MGS game on the PS3 (even though it scored perfect 10s across the boards anyway). I shiver at the thought that MGS5 might actually be LEAPS and BOUNDS ahead of MGS4 like MGS3 was to MGS2.

Fuk Triple A. MGS5 will be TRILLION A's.

crimsonfox3790d ago

i think it was "way to fall" haha
i write music and theres a song i wrote with out even thinking of it and it sounds allot like it after though i felt like i ripped it off so i never recorded it haha

SoIid Snake3790d ago

Yes. I love the Snake Eater intro song. I also love the part when you're climbing up the 60 second ladder and you can hear the Snake Eater song start to play in the background.

andyo133790d ago

finally someone that agrees!

i loved the music in this game! it was spot on, every time, every where!
the ladder was probably the best use of the music

Sheddi3790d ago

Seriously, that is by far the longest ladder ive ever climbed in a game.
Ive never played mgs3 on the hardest difficult, but i can only image how hard it must be to climg that ladder while ur stamina is decreasing rapidly.

NegativeCreep4273790d ago

I've beaten MGS3 Subsistence like 4 times already and on the extreme difficulty it is pretty much chance to make it on top of that huge ladder without running out of stamina and falling off.

I love MGS4, but I still think young Ocelot kicks old Ocelot's a$$.

pwnsause3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

snake eater= greatest game song ever. ladder part was epic. it reminded me of people i actually cared about as well.

dro3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

i have to disagree, i think the music in mgs3 is good but god of war 2 music is better.

Killjoy30003790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

You're kidding, right?

solidt123790d ago

I agree also, best theme song ever and the music in the game over all is killer. This is one of my favorite games period.

theEnemy3790d ago

Snake Eater by Cynthia Harrell

One of the best song on a video game.

Fighting The Boss, then the music starts, and when the music stops, it's game over.


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ZackFair3790d ago

but Nobuo Uematsu's work on the Final Fantasy series has yet to be surpassed in my opinion.

andyo133790d ago

fair enough alot of this music is excellent.

mgs3 music just appeals to me more cus its more targeted towards european people. ya can tell its made by english people and not japs or what ever.

wait... i might be wrong there.

Bennosaur3790d ago

The song Snake Eater was written by hideo himself. I expect the other were either written by him or other Japanese people.

Final_Rpg3790d ago

To zanarkand is one of the most beautiful pieces of music I've ever heard in a game. Nobuo Uematsu's work is the best in the game industry hands down. His absence in ff12 was very noticeable, the soundtrack was not memorable or meaningful at all...

cr33ping_death3790d ago

i love "servants of the mountains" you the song when youre going up MT GAGAZET in final fantasy x

Homicide3790d ago

Final Fantasy has some incredible music. FFXII and FFX soundtrack were pretty good. MGS3 has some awesome music. I wouldn't call it the best, but it's up there.

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Irving3790d ago

Its not just recycled and remixed stuff from previous MGS games like you see in other game sequels. The opening song was brilliant and the ending theme just leaves you in tears.

OsolidOsnakeO3790d ago

i like Mgs1 more than the others...

but sure mgs is the greatest of every thing...

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