zimbo0075731d ago



the characters look so lifelike with facial animations

Pain5730d ago

RFOM's Story KILLS !!!!

much beter the Galo's oh nose it aliens .. generic fps...

but i disagree with the "Cinematic trailer" part aint that more a cut scene?

donator5731d ago (Edited 5731d ago )

So much emotion in that clip. I'm getting really excited for the story in R2. R1 was great, but the cutscenes and storytelling method was lacking.

Kleptic5730d ago

yeah I like how they are turning Hale into some major toughass...not that he wasn't in fall of man....just the narrative didn't support or illustrate that type of character development...

can't wait...like 33 days now...and it looks better each time I see it...

Tomdc5730d ago

Hey I didn't like that! Well I did like the trailer, it was awesome, but thts a major spoiler (potentially) the way I looked at that is the reason hale has 20 hours to live like he said in the first trailer. He needs a inhibiter station to stop him turning into a chimera.

juuken5730d ago

Lol, don't mess with Hale.
He'll kick your ass.

I love the details in the game so far. I agree with the emotions as well.

Insomniac strikes again!

Can't wait for this game!

Killjoy30005730d ago

Errm, yeah, great video, but is that really trailer quality? Just saying.

Bubble Buddy5730d ago

What do you guys think they mean him being a walking time bomb? He'll turn into a chimera?

CaptainMeatwad5730d ago

ugh, lip syncing is terrible

and 1.6, what the hell else do you think they mean

Bubble Buddy5730d ago

You never know... Wouldn't be fun if you already know what's going to happen.

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Lord Anubis5731d ago

looks good but something is lacking. Didn't like the motion capture on the lips/speech. Other than that it looked good.

Raoh5730d ago

cant wait to get my hands on it.. since the moment i finished Resistance i couldn't wait to see how they were going to progress the story..