This remastered version of Zelda Ocarina of Time is a feast for the eyes

Platforms are one of the most favourite video games genre among gamers worldwide and surely Zelda Ocarina of Time is one of the best example we can find out there so, if you are a fan of this great series, today's viral news will bring you back to the past thanks to this marvellous remastered version of the iconic N64 title!

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masterfox1398d ago

Those are some visuals that Nintendo doesn't have the brains to be able to comprehend.
On topic:
It looks freaking beautiful!, see people it doesn't need to look realistic to be able to look awesome and not simply look cartoony ;)

AKR1398d ago (Edited 1398d ago )

Nintendo could do this style if it wanted to, it just chooses not to. Think of Pixar; pretty much all of their movies have a 'cartoony' look to them, even the more realistic ones. Pixar found a specific style that fits the bill and has stuck with it since Toy Story, making small alterations in each of the movies to match their theme and tone. Nintendo has pretty much done the same with its games.

There are some realistic-looking Nintendo titles out there, but the majority of them have that cartoony-style. Not only does it fit well with their hardware, but it also ages a lot better than the hyper-realistic games we see from most other studios. It would be quite strange to see something like Mario with the same graphical style as Uncharted.

MVGeneral1398d ago (Edited 1398d ago )

No they cant. They can barely keep tge frame rates up on their watered down garbage. Imagine if they made a REAL console.
Bunch of incompetent fools, if you ask me. They can even get their online right, a complicated mess of friend codes and mobile apps. What a joke.

AKR1397d ago


I could season a box of fries with the amount of salt in your comment, lol.

Keep in mind that up until the Wii, all of Nintendo's systems were either on par or beyond their competitors. The company changed its design philosophy to that of creating affordable hardware instead of advanced hardware, which is why the Wii, Wii U and Switch have not been powerhouses. Even so, Nintendo has learned a thing or two over the years.

Its graphical style helps its games to stand out in addition to aging a lot slower than more realistic-looking titles. That's what also allows them to keep their hardware on the lower-end since the 'cartoony' styles aren't as taxing. Nintendo's main concern is keeping its profits high, after all. If they really wanted to they could make more powerful hardware. On that note, hardware power doesn't make a system "real" or not. The PS2 was less powerful than the GC and Xbox, yet it wiped the floor with those consoles when it came to sales. Same for the Wii vs. PS3/360, DS vs. PSP and 3DS vs. PS Vita. Hardware power does NOT automatically equal success.

prankster1011397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

"It would be quite strange to see something like Mario with the same graphical style as Uncharted."

Please explain as to why the new Switch Mario game has realistic looking people in it... I really want to know.

Also... do you want to explain the following?


AKR1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )


Please tell me in which universe is it plausible to make a comparison between a highly-realistic looking game such as Uncharted to something like Super Mario Odyssey? In no way shape or form does Oddyssey have the same graphical elements as a game like that.

Secondly, I specifically mentioned Mario, not Zelda. I know of the Zelda E3 2011 Tech Demo; I did already mention in an earlier comment that "Nintendo could do this style if it wanted to" and "there are some realistic-looking Nintendo titles out there".

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boing11398d ago

Who said it has to look realistic? Stylized graphics are the best way to keep your game away from aging.

-Foxtrot1398d ago

Not realistic...but maybe something like the tech demos they show us. Something they showed's like "we could do this...buuuuut"

CorndogBurglar1398d ago

Now that this is made widely known Nintendo will put a stop to it, just like they did with those Pokemon and Metroid games.

I dont know why people even bother anymore with fan projects of Nintendo properties. As soon as they get any recognition online they get shut down.

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Big_Game_Hunters1398d ago

i like how it has Mature graphics.

Timesplitter141397d ago

I think it doesn't look good. The realistic/shiny/overly post-processed style doesn't fit the game at all

noxeven1398d ago

Send out the take down notices another project gotten news again.

Segata1398d ago

Meh N64 games without an updated art style look bland.

gprime1398d ago

This 'article' does not have a single period in it...

The 10th Rider1398d ago

It's from a user with the same name as the site submitted who rarely comments. Also exclamation points are to be removed from titles when submitting so it clearly doesn't even meet submission standards.

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