Ranking Every 3D Zelda From Worst To Best

KeenGamer: "Ocarina of Time revolutionised the Zelda series when transitioning from 2D to 3D, but now that two decades have passed, how does it stack up against the rest of them? The Legend of Zelda rankings are a very divisive topic, so what better way to make tempers flare by ranking every 3D Zelda game from worst to best."

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NecrumOddBoy901d ago

I'd swap BOTW with OoT but I agree that Wind Waker is the best; at least IMO.

mikeslemonade901d ago

All I know is BotW is the worst

CrimsonIdol901d ago

I reckon's it's probably the second worst. That second one for Wii that forced you to use the motion controllers for everything was horrible, but mostly because of the controls. But then at least it was still a Zelda game instead of another one of those boring Ubisoft sandbox games with a Zelda skin

Tross901d ago

Why, because BotW is different? I mean, I would put OoT near the top too. Maybe BotW needs its own category. We can call it an open world Zelda game, because that is essentially what it is. But, just because something is different doesn't make it bad.

MWH901d ago

I didn't like Majora's Mask at all, to me it felt devoid of the charm and the imagination Ocarina of Time had.
And no Zelda list is complete without A Link to the Past.

ZeekQuattro901d ago

As iconic as A Link To The Past is this list is worst to best 3D Zelda games.

MWH900d ago

ah! my bad i missed the 3D part, age if you know. no harm intended.

CrimsonIdol901d ago

No way. It was probably the most creative they ever got with Zelda. Too imaginative if anything, getting stuck in the apocalyptic Groundhog Day in the Zelda universe maybe went too far out of most peoples gameplay comfort zones, and I have to admit there's a certain despair I got at trying to get a bunch of things done right in the world only to have it reset on you over and over.

MWH900d ago

I respect your opinion wholeheartedly but that's how I felt toward it. I'm not saying it was a bad game, far from it, but I didn't enjoy it as much as I did with OoT. it felt lifeless and with a sense of despair like you said, maybe that didn't connect with me at that point of time. anyway, if you love it I totally respect that.

Shiken901d ago

The Zelda IP is a very diverse IP with varying control schemes and features (masks, time travel, motion controls, touch screen, linear, open world, Wolf Link, etc). With that in mind, no one is going to value the same things as everyone else. These lists will vary from person to person, and there is no wrong order.

Rebel_Scum901d ago

Skyward Sword should be on the bottom of this list...always.

Good-Smurf901d ago

The only Zelda game that interested me was The Wind Waker.
I adored its design and the game have aged beautifully.

MWH900d ago

I agree Wind Waker was a great game. I remember when it was announced everybody was confused for quite a while was it Walker or Waker, good times.