Yakuza Kiwami 2 and Release Date Leaked?

"We know that Sega is supposed to be announcing some new news regarding the Yakuza franchise soon but it seems we may have found out one of those announcements early."

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Sm00thNinja1360d ago

I seriously lost my breath when I read this. YAKUZA IS quickly becoming my favorite PlayStation series. Just beat Yakuza 0 on LEGEND this week!

_-EDMIX-_1360d ago (Edited 1360d ago )


I'm playing it right now! Mega fun! We all knew Kiwami 2 was coming lol. You don't move 200k in 2 weeks and not make a second remake! lol


Sm00thNinja1360d ago

Hopefully we get this quicker than it took Yakuza 0 to make it's way stateside

_-EDMIX-_1360d ago (Edited 1360d ago )

@Sm00th- My guess is summer 2018, but I'm also wishfully thinking.

I hope they see with Yakuza Zero and Remake how much the west wants and will buy Yakuza.

I mean,consider this.....they are announcing it in a few days, why tell the world RIGHT after the release in the west unless its good news for the west too?

Want to know the dream?

They've been localizing it concurrently for the first time..YAKUZA WORLD WIDE RELEASE lol

It would be a HUGE first and likely that Sony is helping in some why to bring it over. I don't know if I see Sega setting up for a first time world wide release.

we hoping though

slappy5081360d ago (Edited 1360d ago )

Im playin g zero right now, epic on so many levels. Cant wait for Y1 and would love to try 2-5 on the ps4

_-EDMIX-_1360d ago

BRUH, I saw Slappy playing something other then Persona 5 on PSN and just didn't now what to think.

I slowly sat down, I had to call out of work (heavy breathing)!

The way Sega is speaking ,they are doing this whole series. With bluray being cheaper and PSN being an option, its not longer a question of if they will make their money back, Yakuza Zero SELLING OUT in the US and EU I think is enough for Sega to ok those ports in a heart beat!

OMG! You will LOVE Yakuza series! If you love Persona, you will love Yakuza. Japanese towns, fun leveling up, crazy story and lots to do.

I see Sega remaking 2, porting 3-5 in HD over PSN (I just don't see them doing a full reprint, they might want to minimize risk and go digital like they did with Yakuza 5, but who knows)

slappy5081360d ago

Lol well between Yakuza, Persona and Sonic (which im yet to buy and play) Sega been coining it from me. Good to see 0 did well, I am sure that at least for 4 and 5, its not a big job to remaster they can just up the resolution form the ps3 ports and maybe touch up the textures,

_-EDMIX-_1358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )


Also confirmed.

Yakuza Hero (aka Yakuza 7)
Yakuza Online for PC, Android and iOS free to play
Fist Of The Northstar

slappy5081358d ago

Holy shit, Yakuza 7?! Saw the 2 announcement but missed the 7 announcement

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Christopher1360d ago

Yakuza Kiwami out next Tuesday... Glad you took my suggestion to try it out.

Sm00thNinja1359d ago

And now it's become like my favorite franchise LOL hell just doing the hostess cabaret stuff could be a game in its own for me 😂

Last_Boss1359d ago

I knew this was coming considering the 1st was remade. But I'm 100% w/you and everyone else who's excited.

Sm00thNinja1359d ago

WHAT'S THE CHANCES we get HD remixes of 3 through 5? I really want the entire series on one console

_-EDMIX-_1359d ago

Extremely high.

Sega last gen did some ports, Sonic Adventure 1 and 2, Sonic 2, Jet Set HD Yakuza 1 and 2 HD on PS3 and Wii U in Japan etc....

Sega seems more into looking in to ports of some series then usual. They've made comments about remastering Yakuza 2-5, with the series riding so high, I think they want to keep that wave going as much as they can.

Those remasters in terms of 3-5 are very, very simple to do considering they are already in English sub, they can even do a digital release if they feel just. I think its more likely then not.

TheKingKratos1359d ago

oh yes,i freakin love that series
the games are so awesome and the combat is soo good and the stories are damn fine

and i love breaking their necks and kill them ...only for them to apologies later lol XD

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mattgatchy1360d ago

I'd rather have a simple HD collection of 2-5 to prepare myself for Yakuza 6 next year.

ShadowNextGen1360d ago

I need all of the Yakuza games on my PS4 and, no, PlayStation Now is not an acceptable solution.

_-EDMIX-_1360d ago (Edited 1360d ago )

lol yes, no remake is better, simple HD collection of lessor /s

Or.....or....Yakuza 2 remake and HD collection of 3-5.

I don't see them simply putting Yakuza 2 in HD...have you actually SEEN this game on PS2? Are you INSANE? LOL! Putting it in HD is pointless, that can work on 3-5 as they are PS3 games and look pretty good, heck Yakuza Zero and Remake of 1 are actually ports of the PS3 versions, but Yakuza 2 in HD?

No...just god no lol

I don't even understand why its an either or for you, how about 2 getting remade and 3-5 getting remastered?

I'd rather have a full remake and remaster collection of 3-5

PhoenixUp1360d ago

Of course Sega would want to push out as many Yakuza games as possible so people can play all of them on PS3 & PS4

Segata1360d ago

Please inject it straight into my veins.

UCForce1360d ago

I'm glad Yakuza series deserves huge recognition.

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