Shocking News: Pre-ordering an SNES Classic is complete mess

GGG writes: "Sometimes its really hard to understand Nintendo and why they under-ship a clearly high-demand product like this or add friend codes to a home console in 2017. Most of the time, its hard to make myself understand why we fans keep putting up with things like this though obviously, it is out of our control."

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iofhua760d ago

I'm not a "contributor" so I can't approve, but this is a worthy article for discussion.

I agree with the author. Nintendo knew this was in high demand, but manufactured only a few of them. Why? Because of the headlines. Every time their new thing sells out in less than a day, it gets them free publicity and makes their stockholders feel better. Nintendo stock value increases, people at the top get richer, and they don't care if they piss off the majority of their fans by playing these games.

mrbojingles760d ago

The only way this stops is if the publicity turns mostly negative but sadly, the mainstream media won't pay enough attention to report it that way and gaming sites will just report it as "lol, it sold out quick! thankfully we all get it free! don't stop sending us things nintendo!"

thorstein760d ago

Actually, the only way to stop this is what Gamestop did with the pre sales: In store. I got the text from Gamestop and they said you can pre buy it now but then the site was super laggy and no, you couldn't get it online.

I stopped at my local gamestop and stood in line to get it preordered. That is how you stop the practice of scalpers using bots to buy up all the online stock and selling them on ebay.

mrbojingles760d ago

Didn't stop the countless stories I've seen on reddit/neogaf about customer service people at GS forgetting that and letting people pre order 2-3.

letsa_go760d ago

Gamestop's site was down, and was redirecting to thinkgeek, where you could buy the snes classic bundled with some marked up clearance toys for double the price! hahah So fucking shady and I am surprised more people aren't calling them out on it.

Relientk77760d ago

"Nintendo knew this was in high demand, but manufactured only a few of them"


I don't understand why Nintendo hate making money. If they just continually produced them like any other console, they'd make so much money it's ridiculous.

RosweeSon759d ago

And destroy VC in the process who would buy all those nes gsmes at £3/4 a pop when they can get a mini nes for £50 30! Games. Same with mini SNES just less gsmes and slightly more expensive although get a second controller bundled. If these consoles are on shelves for all time they not only become standard and not a limited run like Nintendo said they would be they have a brand new system why would they wanna just sit in the past only so much they can manufacture at once so well manufacture loads of these retro consoles over a brand new system they've just lauchned that's also in high demand.
I think people forgot Nintendo have got fans of all ages and generations when you've been around banging out timeless clsssic after classic for 30 plus years you build up quite a big following over your various multi million selling franchises. Scalpers don't help the situation.
As for only manufactured a few of them I thought we were still in August and Nintendo have already said they will continue to produce them until end of the year another 4 months away, like nes mini they'll restock once launched sure it'll likely sell out just as quick but it's a popular item and it sells out, bit like concert tickets limited amounts once they sold they sold it's not hard.
Then they have VC over 3 systems to continue to sell their retro gaming.