PlayStation will reveal "something new" soon.

This just showed up on PlayStation Twitter account:

“We’re getting geared up for the reveal of something new."


Admin note: using our deep insider sources, we've narrowed it down to four possible things. Which do you think it will be?

UPDATE: We already know what it is. It's Limited Gran Turismo PlayStation Editon. You can check more on PlayStation blog:

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GottaBjimmyb1398d ago

If it is a new PS4 or PS5, they will be shooting themselves in the foot, really hard. That said, if it is hardware, would love to see a revamped PSVR, maybe wireless and with a better tracking and motion controller system.

mark_parch1398d ago

agree, if it's a new ps4 or ps5 going to be pissed. I've only just got a ps4 pro

GamingCentaur1398d ago

Ps5? Really? Lower your expectations.

DJStotty1398d ago

Looks similar shape to a console stood on end. Slim ps4 Pro perhaps but upgraded innards? its within the timeframe, normally 1 yr after launch slim versions pop up.

naruga1398d ago (Edited 1398d ago )

probably smthing Game related ..i say Gran Turismo ...however if it s a new design for PS4 Pro i m getting it ASAP as im still on ogPS4

Kyizen1398d ago

I wouldnt mind a PS4 Pro with 4k bluray bundle for $450

GamingIVfun1398d ago

Probably announcing a limited edition version of PS4 or PS4 Pro, not the PS5 or anything like that.

GamesMaster19821398d ago

A revamped VR so soon would be a big massive F U to all the people who bought the original not even a year ago. I for one would be really pissed off with Sony if this were true.

frostypants1398d ago (Edited 1398d ago )

@GottaBjimmyb: "If it is a new PS4 or PS5, they will be shooting themselves in the foot, really hard."

Why? People keep saying this but every gen I see this (including the months leading up to the PS4/One announcements)...a contingent of people complaining when a new gen starts because they personally don't want to spend the money on it or feel left behind if they don't. If a PS5 came out in late 2018 it wouldn't be THAT out of line. Most predicted this gen would be a short cycle, and that would only be a year short of ths normal cycle. And if they maintain the same basic architecture moving forward, pretty much every system will basically be a platform upgrade. So I just don't get the issue people have with the possibility of a PS5. That said I doubt that is what this is. I agree with the sentiment that it's a special edition SKU.

@mark_parch: "agree, if it's a new ps4 or ps5 going to be pissed. I've only just got a ps4 pro"

^^This is exactly what I mean. There will ALWAYS be someone who "just bought" the prior console. It's not a real good reason to oppose it.

Yetter1398d ago

PSVR upgrade is a pretty good bet IMO

subtenko1398d ago

it does look like a ps4 could be under that thing..

1398d ago
CryofSilence1398d ago

I won't be thrilled if it is a new version of PS4 because I just bought a Pro this year.

ajax171398d ago

If they announce the ps5 before 2019 I'll be pissed

emad-E-three1398d ago

You can't be serious expecting a PS5 announcement! It WILL be a new design for the PS4 Pro with price drop and No...No revamped PSVR specially wireless!

morganfell1398d ago

PS4 Pro with PSVR hardware built in.

Neonridr1398d ago

if it's a new PSVR that would be really bad too. The other one just came out last October and costed quite a bit (if you wanted the full setup).

IceKoldKilla1398d ago

Would love to see it wireless but I doubt it. That much power through what, a USB dongle? It isn't some Google headset thing using your phone as the hardware running the software. But I do want a revamped/improved PSVR to release before buying one.

Captain_Tom1398d ago

I would like a PS4 Pro with slightly higher clockspeeds and a UHD blu ray player. Price it at $399, and then drop the other one to $349 to get rid of stock.

_-EDMIX-_1398d ago

Agreed. I think that is unlikely .

It could be a slim PS4 Pro though, maybe a new version of PSVR ,who knows.

Obscure_Observer1398d ago


"its within the timeframe, normally 1 yr after launch slim versions pop up"

What? It took Sony and Microsoft 3 years to release the slim versions of PS4 and Xbox One.

Master of Unlocking1398d ago (Edited 1398d ago )

A new PSVR? Not even a year after it's been released? They would also be shooting themselves in the foot. It probably won't be a new iteration of the PS4 either, I just don't see Sony do that, they'd send a message no corporation wants to send, which is that they rushed the latest products (PS4 slim and PS4 Pro).
And somehow I just can't see them reveal the PS5 already, not that long ahead of its release, because the PS5 CAN NOT have a release date slated for anywhere before 2020 at the earliest, because this is the absolute minimum time the industry is gonna need for them or anyone else to be able to come up with a system powerful enough to run all games at native 4K @ 60fps at a 399.90$/∈ pricepoint. And even that date is pushing it.
Wonder what it can be...

generic-user-name1398d ago

They can't get their controllers battery to last more than 5 hours, how long do you think a wireless VR headset would last? Then take into account the nausea-inducing latency that could arise from being wireless. No, wired VR headsets are here to stay for quite some time yet.

New VR motion controllers though? Yes please.

indysurfn1397d ago

rx vegas rapid packed math please!

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GamingIVfun1398d ago

Probably announcing a limited edition version of PS4 or PS4 Pro.

Genuine-User1398d ago

Yep, it's most likely a GT Sports bundle.

Gaming1011398d ago

It's the GT Sports bundle with the regular PS4 slim... if only it had a single player that was more than just time trials, license tests and driving scenarios. The meat of it is online, or at least they're hoping. It will be a couple of years before a proper GT game comes out since it takes so long just to make 1 car (6 months)

Batzi1398d ago

It's a GT related announcement!

goken1398d ago

move controllers 2.0?
fallout VR?
(either gamescon or psx)

i hope there is some awesome non VR game... can't wait

bow2yoda1398d ago

lmao its a PSwitch hahahahaha

joab7771398d ago

They need to be careful concerning more hardware, unless it is a serious portable contender. They are doing well but the hardware department is saturated right now, and as Nintendo, Sony and MS have shown, it is the games that matter. VR is a great idea but the real advances are waiting for more powerful and cheaper tech. A portable that works with the OS4 similar to the Switch would be amazing because it would leverage the already amazing suite of games available. And it has been shown to work through apps available for the phone and tablet. If they are able to couple a legit store like Android etc., it could be something special. MS already has a robust store which is another reason that I find it odd that they haven't chose to move in this direction.

I believe it's much too early for the PS5, as it will split a gigantic base of players; that is unless it plays everything or replaces the Pro, allowing devs and VR to move forward faster. But it would have to be handled very carefully and sell for the right price. Imagine if they did though, and priced it under the X1X.

I guess we will see soon!

yeahokwhatever1398d ago

"geared up" to show something new? whatever it is, it has to do with GT:Sport

Christopher1398d ago

Honestly, not really intriguing.

It won't be anything major. They wouldn't announce that at Gamescon and it would have leaked in some way by now.

Probably something like teasing a new IP that won't release until late 2019. Or just an official price cut on the Pro with a new limited design.

fenome1398d ago

I wish they would've at least added a countdown timer for when the curtain lifts. I keep checking back to no avail. Lol

1398d ago
joab7771398d ago

It's a limited edition GoW bundle lol!

Ceaser98573611398d ago


" The Limited Edition Gran Turismo Sport PS4 for a spin when it hits stores on 18th October."

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Nyxus1399d ago

Maybe the shape under the cloth is supposed to be a hint.

Relientk771399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

Omg "It's a brand new car!!!" - The Price is Right announcer

I hope it's not PS5, it's too early for that, wait a couple years

Great tweet:

I hope it's PS4 Pyramid

FITgamer1399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

Wonder if "geared up" is a hint? Possibly a Gran Turismo themed console.

sampson31211398d ago

or maybe it's just to symbolize a reveal will be happening and not the actual reveal.

Patricko1399d ago

Maybe Slim version of Pro? Just to counter the XOX pre orders a little bit.

The 10th Rider1399d ago

My guess would be either this or a new bundle/special edition of the console.

1398d ago
Nyxus1399d ago

As someone pointed out on Twitter, it's probably a GT Sport bundle or something like that. Hence the 'geared up'.

Patricko1399d ago

Yeah, after reading it I think it will be GT Sport related.

MatrixxGT1398d ago

Hopefully they pull the red curtain back and its a full fledged gran turismo 7!

Relientk771399d ago

That's probably what it is

Cmv381398d ago

makes sense, but doesn't seem huge to me. More like expected . We'll see.

jaekapow1398d ago

I'm all for it if it's racing computer chair bundled with a GT Sport special edition or something. But i doubt thatll happen. This things are $250 minimum!

SmielmaN1398d ago

I'm going to guess a exclusive console for an upcoming game.

zivtheawesome1399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

lets look at the clues:
seems pretty big and physical so probably not just a game,
new console is obviously unlikely,
and finally it's in europe.
i am guessing a GT Sport PS4 pro bundle.

sampson31211398d ago

ever think this picture isn't the actual reveal? it could just symbolize that a reveal is going to happen.
they could have easily had a curtain.