Infinite Bits: Pax '08 Retrospective: LBP FTW

Brian Torretta from Infinite Bits talks a bit about LittleBigPlanet's awesome showing at PAX this year:

"How do you like your planets? Personally, I like them inhabitable, but ones that are cute, customizable and exclusive to the PS3 fit the bill as well. Exclusive games to the PS3 haven't exactly been pouring from the sweet sweat of Jack Trenton's brow so LittleBigPlanet is certainly welcome into the library. In fact, they are so hard up for an exclusive hit, they may end up pulling a Microsoft and paying the GDP of a small country for Perfect Dark Zero. Seriously, check out the GDP of East Timor. At any rate, LBP is looking to be the title to get the PS3 out of its rut."

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