After the Wait of 14 Long Years, Halo’s SPV3 Mod Has Finally Launched

FINALLY THE WAIT IS OVER!! Halo: Combat Evolved was  released in 2001 for the original Xbox and PC, but the SPV3 mod has been in the works for 14 of the years since the game’s initial launch. . Now that is both a labor of love and a massive sign of some serious dedication.And now, after …

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slate91422d ago

Anyone know about the servers or population of halo pc?

naruga422d ago

why this lame mode looks like 10 times worse than the og game ?? ...why they re so stupid and touch diamonds without knowing from game development??...smh

ONESHOTV2422d ago

what ? are you freaking blind?

slate91422d ago (Edited 422d ago )

Why did you give me hope that someone responded to me with an actual answer ...?

ONESHOTV2422d ago

slate91---LOL sorry check DSOG they may have some info on there PC site

slate91421d ago

Thanks oneshot. I was talking to naruga in my reply though haha. Ill check it out!

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eddieistheillest422d ago

SPV3 - Single Player Version 3