Pelaaja Finland reviews LBP -10/10

The biggest gaming website in Finland has reviewed Little Big Planet. The reviewer said:-

"Much was promised, and all that the game also redeemed."

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ape0075731d ago

a generation defining game.confirmed

MAR-TYR-DOM5731d ago

The things is, as a "hardcore" gamer who plays action/shooters i cant seem to enjoy making levels myself. I much rather play other ppl's levels and create levels with my friends not myself. I find more fun in doing that. GO LBP!

nieto25731d ago

so it seems LBP it's the game that Peter Molyneux said that the PS3 needed.

Panthers5731d ago

This game is going to be the Mario of PS3. It will be huge.

whoelse5731d ago

Game of the Year Confirmed

HighDefinition5731d ago

This game will get STRAIGHT 10s, besides a few site that want to be "original".

This will make more of a IMPACT than Mario64.

Trust me.

TheSadTruth5731d ago

link me to some fun mods, because the mario and halo ones posted were terrible.. I realize it's beta but you would think at least one person made a decent platformer from it

HighDefinition5731d ago

There are GREAT levels, alot of the ones THEMED around Mario (or anything like that are OK) some of the other ones are INSANE. GREAT Mario Levels WILL come, just give it time. People need time w/ the tools first to do it properly. The levels that will be popping up NEXT month will be CRAZY.

Genesis55731d ago

I'm pretty hardcore when it comes to gaming. I'll be honest. I love that game for myself and the kids.

nbsmatambo5731d ago (Edited 5731d ago )

better b a 10, or i will know the rating system for games has failed us all...

im betting that this might be one of the first games to have a perfect 10/10, but then again there are haters -.-..(im looking at u Eurogamer,Gamespot..)

BulletToothtony5731d ago

but if wouldn't be surprised if they gave it an 8.9 just so it's on the 8 side.

They do this simply cause they still hate the ps3 plus the whole traffic issue.. and it's surprising that this site is still so important so some.

Liquid Dust5731d ago

After spending just a wee 40 hours on a beta that only only contains 4 of the 50 story levels, creation toolset, and online play, I have concluded that LittleBigPlanet Beta receive a 10/10. Now the full game, 11/10......i take a 80 Couric sized crap at the mere thought of it coming out on the 21st.

Bubble Buddy5731d ago

The times has changed hasn't it guys? LBP is all love from me and my friends who are even thinking of getting a ps3 just for this game.

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rebirthofcaos5731d ago

AND SO THE XBOT WILL CONTINUE THEIR .... PATETIC quest and say that sony pay for the reviews, and that gay on war 1.2 define next gen XD XD XD

do they have a life, at least I have basis to support SONY unlike the rrro 180 and microsoft.

Please bots show me 3 articles where the rrod 180 is praised,because the PLAYSTATION 3 HAVE LIKE 15 FROM DEVELOPERS UNLIKELY THE RROD 180

DavidMacDougall5731d ago

Whats that Halo?

Whats that Gaow1.5?

Your getting you arse kicked by this and no stupid f**king armor can save you......Damn straight you are

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi5731d ago

...Everyone don't give this a 10/10 then they are *****!!!
Sorry but this game is FANTASTIC!!!(Well the beta is) ;-P
Is there any other game thet let you make your own Levels like this game does out there??? NOPE!!!


Always wanted to make my own Levels, and now i can!!! ;-P
+Sack-boy is AMAZING!!! You could put your hand in your T.V and pull him out and keep him in your Pocket!!! ;-D
It's a Charming game;) Everything about it Oozes QUALITY!!! ;-P

|.......|...|................ .|
|...................|........ .|
|............____|...____| ;)

PLAYSTATION®3 The BEST Console in the World;)

Veryangry_bot5731d ago


"but, but, but...I thought PS3 has no gamezzzz"


WipeOut - IGN 9
MGS4 - 10/10 from the biggest gaming sites
LBP - 10/10. 10 bucks says LBP will get 10s across the web!

Gaming 2.0 arrives this month. The most revolutionary gaming experience since PSX brought 3d gaming into the living room!

LBP, aka MASSIVE system seller.

juuken5731d ago


Just laugh at them guys, just laugh at them.


PopEmUp5730d ago (Edited 5730d ago )

even if they have armor, they still got shot by the nut through to the head

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Mr_Kuwabara5731d ago

This game really deserves it. I've been in the beta and I've seen the creativity of people and it really impresses me at times when some people create levels better than the few that are story wise. (The few levels from the story on the beta that is, can't really judge the full story per se)

Liquid Dust5731d ago

There are some creative little people out there for sure. Noteworthy levels like "World of Colour", "Little Big Collosus" , "Hollow Bastion", and my own creation "MILE HIGH ADVENTURE!". Check it out!

zimbo0075731d ago

I have a feeling that LBP will get 100% at metacritic

awesome year to have a ps3 --LBP,motorstorm 2 and resistance 2--all within 30 dAys