Revisiting Thief: Why Are Remakes Hated In The Gaming Community?

Why are sequels and remakes hates in the gaming community? 'Thief' may have the answer.

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PhoenixUp427d ago

They're not

And you're confusing reboot with remake

Glemt425d ago

You're completely right, Thief 2014 was not at all a remake. The author even writes rebooted Thief in the last paragraph, but writes remake earlier. If you want to write a series of articles, get your wording straight.

TheOptimist427d ago

If it was a remake, people would have gobbled it up. But it was a reboot made for plebs, of course it's gonna be shit.

-Gespenst-427d ago

Bad remakes are hated. Good ones aren't. And if people are sceptical about yet-to-be-released remakes and reboots it's because remakes and reboots have a reputation for being bad. Good ones are certainly possible, and they do exist, but it's hard to get excited when so many of them are bad.

PiNkFaIrYbOi427d ago

Probably because the devs change so much of what was loved about the original when they do a remake.

Antifan426d ago

Thief could have been better if it was more open and sandboxy. But it felt like a very linear experience. The next Thief should be more focused on player choice

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