Is Sackboy Becoming a Mascot?

TGR - "No, while fellow companies were making names for themselves through their series of mascot games, Sony has never really been one for heralding one emblematic character. Instead, through the years, they've sought to keep the spotlight on the fact that they have a large variety of different characters, like Sly Cooper, or even Ratchet and Clank. Some could argue that recently Kratos has become a character that gamers look toward as Sony's flagship mascot, but with the upcoming release of the eagerly anticipated LittleBigPlanet, that notion is about to be turned on its head."

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cain1413789d ago

I think he'd make a pretty good one... considering you can make him look like any other game charecter in another franchise should you want to... (God of War)?

ihaten4glol3789d ago

I'd want a cute little Crash Bandicoot sackboy, come to think of it. :]

cain1413789d ago

That would be interesting...

Grasty3789d ago

i dont know if i should be happy or sad about this ....

Nick27283789d ago

Pigpen became a memorable character and he was a dirty mess too. Why not Sackboy?