Okami HD port coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in December

After Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen, it would appear that Capcom is also planning to bring Okami HD on the current gen consoles.

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Relientk77429d ago

Might have to pick this up

PhoenixUp429d ago

What about Viewtiful Joe HD

darthv72428d ago

That would be awesome in HD. Henshin a go go baby.

ElementX428d ago

Last week I was thinking they should remaster or remake this

BadElf428d ago

Nice! Day one probably.

Zack and Wiki HD next? But mainly Zack and Wiki 2? And Okami 2?

ghaleon1980428d ago

They probably will gauge the popularity/appetite for an Okami sequel with this port. If it does well, Okami 2 will definitely some point anyway.

I love me some Okami though! Great music too!

andrewsquall428d ago

It won't get a sequel if they can't get Hideki Kamiya. And if it isn't going to be made by him what is the point? We will just get something in the vein of another Devil May Cry sequel that comes nowhere close to the incredible original game.

DarXyde428d ago (Edited 428d ago )

If that's the case, they're going about it very poorly. Some of us bought the original on PS2. And then the curious people (me) double dipped to experience the game with motion controls on Wii. Then the people who REALLY wanted to support the game bought it on PS3 and got to try traditional controls or motion controls in HD with trophy support. Also me.

I will not be going in for the fourth. If Capcom hasn't received the message that people love the game by now, I'm seriously doubting this will change that.

kevnb428d ago

ya but without the key people it wont be the same.

bass4g428d ago

Isn't okamiden on the ds already a sequel? So they could either do a sequel to that or remake it as most people don't remember it/ haven't played it (it released on the ds right before the 3ds launched iirc). Its not as good as the original but that's to be expected without kamiya.

RememberThe357427d ago

Yeah but it wasn't made by Clover and I think most of that studio was already working for Platinum Games at that point.

I loved Okami more than any other game on PS2. I played that mess outta God of War and San Andres, but Okami is a special game with a special feel. At this point if Platinum isn't making a sequel, if Hideki Kamiya isn't involved, it would take a lot to get me interested.

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The story is too old to be commented.