MSXBox World: Warriors Orochi 2 Review

writes: "Dynasty Warriors - and its many subsidiary series and adaptations has been around for a good ten years or so now, and ever since the overly successful original it has built a solid and loyal fan base to the series. This is very important to remember, as many of the points that are going to be made are going to relate very closely to its audience purpose, but first, what is Dynasty Warriors?

To understand the first game – Dynasty Warriors, or Sangokumuso as it is in Japan - developed by Koei you'll understand the complete foundation and basis of most of the other titles in relation, including Warriors Orochi (The original was a one on one fighting game, similar to titles such as Dead or Alive or Tekken, it has now evolved to become a hack and slash 'crowd' fighter, Dynasty Warriors 2, which we'll make reference as the original in this article). Dynasty Warriors (2 and beyond) is a game of choice and variety, a choice of character, campaign, single player or two player, and a variety of modes and ways of enjoyment. I see a lot of loyal followers of the title enjoying the fast and almost constant action of the entire gameplay, and I see a lot of strategist and war lovers liking the sheer mass of units, taking on entire armies and setting up their method of engagement. If you haven't already guessed, Dynasty Warriors is an over the top non realistic, fantasy take on the historical conflicts of the 'three kingdoms'."

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