Revisiting Dead Rising 3

Jason Stettner of Gamerheadquarters writes; "Dead Rising 3 was the third entry in the main series of this zombie slaughtering game that stepped it up and sent players into a large open world."

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AspiringProGenji1257d ago (Edited 1257d ago )

I'd like to revisit it too. It was the most fun I had at the start of this gen. I wish we got this game instead of 4. C'mon Capcom...

skycaptin51257d ago

It's probably fairly cheap at the current time or it will be on a Steam or Xbox sale. It's also currently in the Xbox Game Pass if that interests you at all.

CandarianGaming1256d ago

Excellent game just horrible frame rate dips and an awful field of view. PC mods kind of helped but it needs a remaster

Erik73571256d ago

Kinda crazy that this game never came out for ps4

WilliamSheridan1256d ago

Honestly I thought it was a great progression of the series. DR4 was utter dog shit. But this one was a fresh coat of paint away from being amazing...

nX1256d ago

How was 4 worse than 3?

1256d ago
leeeroythe3rd1256d ago

Well it is capcom... street fighter v was / is junk

nX1256d ago

^I think 3 was not much better than 4, if anything both were mediocre.

WilliamSheridan1256d ago

3 had a progressing system that made sense. A darker, gritty aesthetic that still made sense to the game world. A vast world to explore that was interesting to get to know. A food system that made exploration a requirement. Bases you could establish.

4 felt like they took arcade mode, cranked it up to 11 and said dick it here's a game. The purple who liked this game originally didn't vocally defend the game enough and Caps on listened to a vocal minority. The game was heading in the right direction and took a hard turn and crashed.

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leeeroythe3rd1256d ago

Great game full of fun events and crafting. Didnt get into dlc nearly as much though

monkey6021256d ago

I loved Dead Rising 3. It's just good fun. I didn't get 4 but as much as I liked the look of it the complaints have turned me off. Mostly because they all seem justified

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