You Were Wrong About The Order 1886: Here's Why

This was a game everyone loved to hate, even when they never once touched the controller. They were, however, wrong about it. Here's why.

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PhoenixUp437d ago

This game has its audience and sold better than expected

However I wouldn't expect a sequel to ever happen

AspiringProGenji436d ago

If Knack got a sequel, so can this game get one. I'm not sure if all the hate really discouraged either Sony or The developers to try again. I believe RaD should have been working on a sequel instead of that cringy Gamestop game

naruga436d ago (Edited 436d ago )

now that that a ton of Garbage games came out especially on non PS you see that Order was a decent game game after all .....what hypocrites ! meh when back we were supporting the game ..saying that is good for what it is was shooting sht and mud on the game from all sides

uRaDecepticon436d ago

This game and Knack sold around the same amount, but I would bet the house, 1886 cost way more. So this would be the cliche "apples to oranges" comparison.

neoandrew436d ago

Well, they shouldn't end the game when it was half way thru story, the moment it really got very interesting, but that was the end, i was just WAT, wasted potential.

DarXyde436d ago


Knack is something that was made as a fun little project. Now, they're taking the time to flesh it out and make it into a sequel people can get behind. I think Knack has a great deal of flexibility where they're interested in making a fun game above all else.

The Order: 1886 was a game that was created and tailored to Ready at Dawn's vision for it. The black bars, linearity, and length rubbed enough people the wrong way, but I think changing too much of that would really deprive RaD of what they set out to do.

We'll likely get a sequel since they created a lore that could easily continue, but I'm not convinced we'll see anything until next generation or so.

The Order: 1886 was a genuinely well - crafted game. The weapons are interesting, its performance is very stable, and the universe has quite a bit of potential. I'm just not sure in what way we'll see a sequel since the developers have a vision for it that may be incompatible with public interest. Knack, as I've written, isn't as inflexible.

leeeroythe3rd436d ago

Agree the order is a much more desired property. Knack can go hide under a rock. Game could be the second coming of mario and i wouldnt touch after trying the original

fei-hung436d ago

I think RaD really badly screwed up with this one. They spoke about features that hadn't been done before in regards to gameplay and how there will be things you would need to investigate. The game comes out and it doesn't have investigating other than just looking at objects. There was nothing new in terms of gameplay and the game was reduced to the odd few tps sections for gameplay.

The was very little to do in its 5hrs, no replay value, and from the looks of things it couldn't have come cheap either. They had to design the engine as well as make the game.

RaD were lucky it sold what it did consisting gamers were starved for experiences due to the green having just started.

I paid £80 for the game and got the worst collectors edition. Not only was the game average at best, they made zero effort with the collectors edition. A month or so later, I remember buying the Bloodborne collectors for £10 more .i got the ink thing ,pen , art book, steel case, bell and skull and the game turned out to be frigging amazing.

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PhoenixUp436d ago

I just don't expect Ready at Dawn to return to make a sequel when they've moved onto multiplatform development

Bennibop436d ago

It's a Sony ip and was developed alongside Santa Monica studio. Can't see why they would not pick the franchise up after god of war and do something special.

PhoenixUp436d ago

Cuz they'd rather do something else

Besides we've seen Santa Monica collab with a lot of other developers over projects and they never made sequels to any of them on their own, so it's unlikely to happen here

andrewsquall436d ago

@PhoenixUp Why not? They are an INDEPENDENT game studio like Insomniac Games and can do whatever they want. When Insomniac made Fuse, they still went back and made exclusive games for for different consoles since.

-GreenRanger436d ago

I wish a sequel would happen. The Order 1886's setting is awesome. The game wasn't that good but not horribly bad either. A well made sequel would've been really good, learning from what went wrong in the first game.

sampson3121436d ago

the game was good, it all depends on what you wanted from it. the one complaint i have is there not being a sequel in the works.

sinspirit436d ago

Definitely. I would also absolutely love a co-op vs AI mode similar to Resistance 2, going through levels with 8 players against several hordes and mini bosses. Even if they don't do a full release, this could be a great $30 standalone co-op mode. I don't have any ideas for what PVP would be like quite yet.

PhoenixUp436d ago

@ Green

Yeah that'd be nice. It'd be similar to how Killzone 1 was a very divisive title, its later sequels made for a great franchise

bloodbond436d ago

"This game has its audience" -Can be legally said at any game ever created with a playerbase higher than zero.

ruefrak436d ago

I don't think it sold better than expected, considering all the marketing muscle Sony put behind it. The price dropped rappidly all the bad press really hurt it. I actually really enjoyed it, and also enjoyed the fact the price dropped rapidly as I was able to pick it up for $20 not long after launch.

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Septic437d ago

"But the gamers put unrealistic, and unfair expectations on a game and brutally shot down its chances at life"

Bullshit. It was a terrible game hyped to high heavens and carried on its gorgeous visuals that were only skin deep.

"unfair expectations"

I keep hearing this as an excuse now . It is not unfair to expect the game to actually be fun and not have shit ai, a horrid stealth section that was seemingly imported from 2 generations, no freedom, no depth, no replayability, rubbish recycled boss battles, downright silly Qte sections and no cogency to the whole thing. It was basically reminiscent of a launch title.

Bercilak436d ago

Honest to God, I couldn't have put it better, myself. Well said and thanks!

naruga436d ago

@Septic -Bercilak....still a fing TON better and more interesting than Quantum break and other lame Xone exclusives

vega275436d ago (Edited 436d ago )

@ naruga

Sure there buddy. Keep that dream alive.

The order was trash. Plain and simple. Ps4 gamers hyped it for its graphic.but was a shitty game. While Quantum break got bashed for it's graphic but atleast it was good.

drunkenspy007436d ago

Yep, true. The game looked like a diamond, but played like crap.

spicelicka436d ago (Edited 436d ago )

it had solid gameplay and story but was bogged down by everything you mentioned. Funny thing is people did and still do defend it by exclaiming that it was criticized only for its linearity which is ironic because one of the greatest linear franchises is Uncharted, a PS exclusive.

SolidGear3436d ago

It's sure a hell of alot more fun than Assassin's Creed or GTA. Now those are some serious snoozefests.

imtiyaz6436d ago

@SolidGear3, Thank you for this comment. I think the whole GTA formula got boring after San Andreas, and Assassin's Creed 2 is the only decent game in the franchise. The Order was destroyed by the media before its release even though it wasn't as bad as they claimed it to be. It would have been a perfect game if it had a deeper combat system and a longer single player campaign.

Imalwaysright436d ago (Edited 436d ago )

Can't agree with you there on launch titles because I remember the likes of Resistance 1, Motorstorm or Kameo which to me are good games especially Resistance 1. RAD is a studio that wanted to follow on ND footsteps with the cinematic storytelling approach but failed miserably because ND understands that gameplay isn't secondary to storytelling and strives for giving us great gameplay unlike RAD that treated gameplay as secondary to the storytelling. The result was the experience that imo you described perfectly.

The 10th Rider436d ago

Eh, it wasn't terrible. It was just a decent game. The 63/100 or so average it has is more than fair. If they fixed a bunch of stupid things like restricting you to walking at some points, making the boss fights all the same quick time events, and lengthening the game then it could have easily be a 75+/100. They clearly spent too much time on the technical details and never stopped to think about what the core aspects of the game needed.

KickSpinFilter436d ago

While the game was a good two day rent from redbox, it's really not a good game. The A.I. of the halfbreeds was just laughable, I haven't played something that bad in a very long time, mid 90's comes to mind. The pickup items were pointless. Story started off good but was really slow and adding the vampires at the end were just a little to much. The QTE's were of a mixed bag, the ones against humans were not all that bad and kinda fun, but again the ones with the halfbreeds were just the same every time, and got to be a bore. Given these things the fact it was a short game got much more highlighted. Nothing is wrong with a short game. Inside or currently Hellblade are short but it's fine in both those games due to being much better games. The Order good rental or $9.99 dollar game, but anything else is going to make ya mad.

Christopher436d ago

Only thing I disagree with is the word terrible. I'd say low end mediocre, but not terrible. I think that's a bit too hyperbolic.

KickSpinFilter436d ago (Edited 436d ago )

Other than the Order, so far I've loved every other Sony exclusive I've played: SS, Driveclub (+VR), Resogun, UC4, TLOUr, HZD, RE7 (VR), Hellblade, Wipeout Omega, TLG, Dead Nation, Super Stardust, Neir. Plus what's coming up looks awesome...Sony's killin it. Order was just lacking big time.

PrinterMan436d ago

I played through the Order 1886 3 times. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I love this game.

Septic436d ago

Which is fair enough. Not in any position to knock you for that mate.

436d ago
Master of Unlocking436d ago

Yet Gears of War gets a free pass every time for doing the exact same things you mentioned, with exactly the same faults. Go figure.

WeebLord436d ago

Except Gears has MP, it has Horde mode, it has CooP. So you know if I buy The Order at 79.99 +13% tax or Gears 4 at 79.99 +13% Tax, what do you think I'm going to look at more fondly? The game that I finished once and had no reason to ever put the disk back into the console, or the game where I could play Coop with friends, or Horde mode or the MP?

If you guys bought The Order when it was super discounted, that's cool. I'm glad for you, but nothing about that game was worth the price of admission at launch it was borderline robbery.

Irishguy95436d ago

Gears has solid multiplayer, which is what it is known for.
Well, gears 1-3 had solid multiplayer, haven't played since them

morganfell435d ago (Edited 435d ago )

Gears of Wars 2 had an utterly broken MP mode that wasn't patched for months. And everybody knew it and it got 95s and 100s at launch. A free ride. Having an extra mode that is broken is like getting an extra free suit at a cheap clothing store. Just what I need, another jacket with lapels shaped like hang gliders. I like QB but where was the MP there? Alan Wake MP? Walking Dead from Tell Tale MP? The list goes on. MP isn't always needed or wanted.

sampson3121436d ago

yet i liked this game more than the same old shooter all the time. it was nice to relax, burn one, and have a drink with my lady friend. great atmosphere for sure.

TallonIV436d ago

Agreed, one of the worst games I've ever experienced. It had nice graphics, that's about it.

MagicBeanz436d ago

Funny cause literally everything you're complaining about is your opinion. But maybe you dont know what the definition of "terrible" is.

Good-Smurf436d ago (Edited 436d ago )

That's the problem with this game it took too long to come out being a technical showcase game.
Should the game released a year earlier it would receive better being a game within launch window of the console.
But again the small dev team must have strained themselves dry for such an ambitious game ended up only nailed its beautiful graphics and story anything else felt rushed and underdeveloped.

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crazychris4124437d ago

Here we go again. 2.5 years since the game was released and we still have these articles.

Relientk77436d ago

Never before has a PS4 game received so many hate articles

coolbeans436d ago (Edited 436d ago )

...and so many unjustified-defense articles. ●_●

LP-Eleven436d ago (Edited 436d ago )

Indeed. Far more hate for it than praise. I mean, in some cases, I understand the griping - a few people really wanted more. That's fair. However, you'd think the game was broken, didn't perform well, looked bad, or had poor dialogue/storytelling, based on much of the bashing it received. The Order excelled at the mentioned variables, though, but because some people apparently didn't get what they expected, it was hammered into the ground.

Nothing wrong with not liking something. Just HOW MUCH dislike I see for this game is excessive.

morganfell436d ago (Edited 436d ago )


I love how people talk about the cutscenes then give Tell Tale games a pass...

I say go ahead and let them hate it. I love it, played it, and still play it. I was in the game as late as last week.

coolbeans436d ago


I love when people bring up laughable, unfit comparisons in a desperate attempt to point out hypocrisy.

Rude-ro436d ago

Actually, last gen near the end, their exclusives were getting hammered outside of the last of us. The new sly cooper got destroyed and yet was one the best exclusives last gen outside of the heavy hitters.

P_Bomb436d ago

Hammered and destroyed? Sly Cooper averaged 75 with critics. If that's destroyed, you've got some mighty lofty expectations.

Actually, that final year they output rather well. Much better than the competition, which had gems like Dark at 38%.

NiNoKuni averaged 85%, Dragons Crown did 82%, Puppeteer did 80%, GOW Ascension did 80%, GT6 did 81% head2head with Forza5 which did 79% on a next gen system.

I'm not sure what hammered means to you, but right now I'm thinking drunk.

andrewsquall436d ago

@LP-Eleven Its a masterpiece compared to ME Andromeda in that regard. Yet there are people for THAT game that try to use the "it wasn't that bad" card when it clearly and truly was and still is. It DESTROYED a well grounded franchise forever and the studio that made it has been disbanded now lol, what better descriptions can you give?

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LP-Eleven436d ago (Edited 436d ago )

Yeah, seems a bit excessive. Also, a big issue with topics on The Order is it is often flooded with people that never played it who jump on a bandwagon (as seen in this very article). Paints a much worse picture of it than what many of us got.

WeebLord436d ago

No, it's just a pretty banal game.

Fist4achin436d ago

I enjoyed the order. Not the best game ever, but certainly not the worst. I'd be in for a sequel

crazyCoconuts436d ago

Right. I played through Ryse right around the same time, and thought they were similar in certain ways...eye candy and fun, not ground breaking. But the visuals in The Order, holy crap they were the best. Spent like an hour in photo mode.

bolimekurac436d ago

at least you did more then 3 things in ryse, order sucked in comparison.

The 10th Rider436d ago

You could throw Quantam Break in as well, though that had more technical issues and bugs. All three could be turned into fairly good series with sequels.

436d ago
Condemnedman436d ago

if you enjoyed it that's all that matters

bloodbond436d ago

Looking forward for your next, neutral comment!

Fist4achin435d ago (Edited 435d ago )

When it comes, I will inform or I may not,... We'll see!

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Bobafret436d ago

If this weren't a PS4 exclusive it would have been forgotten a long time ago, stop whining.

robtion436d ago

Actually, I would say if it weren't a PS4 exclusive it would get a lot less hate. The majority of the people complaining about it at release had never played it and are just envious. The game is not perfect but it's great for a linear, story heavy shooter. Awesome setting, great characters, fun gameplay, amazing presentation, good(if incomplete and flawed) story. 8/10

rainslacker436d ago

I doubt we'd have seen so many hate articles on it if it wasn't exclusive. Kind of goes both ways.

Much of the hate in forums was from people who obviously never played it, and I'd wager most of them haven't played it to this day. I even doubt some of them watched it on YouTube.

I'd be happy to stop the whining if those that hate this game with a passion would just let it lie, and stop taking every opportunity to say how much the game sucked, even though it didn't, although it did have plenty of issues which kept it from being great.

Kribwalker436d ago

I've played it, I liked it better then uncharted one, but it wasn't a very good game. And if you don't believe me, look up my gamer tag, same as my username.

Now if there's a new IP that deserves a sequel (not in VR) it's until dawn. I enjoyed that game a lot

coolbeans436d ago (Edited 436d ago )

I think that's a broad generalization to say majority of hate is still coming from people who haven't played it to at least some capacity.

"I'd be happy to stop the whining if those that hate this game with a passion would just let it lie..."

But you're saying this in an article titled "You Were Wrong About The Order" and there's a plethora of articles with similar language that's trying to denounce "the haters" preemptively. What kind of response do you expect when this kind of language is the modus operandi for The Order defense retrospectives? It's another of those chicken vs. egg situations.

"and stop taking every opportunity to say how much the game sucked, even though it didn't.."

Oh goody! Another opportunity to say how much The Order sucked. ;)