Dragon Age Director Doesn’t Know How Series Will End, But He Has A Rough Plan For The Next Two Games

Speaking about the processes involved in writing each game, Dragon Age creative director Mike Laidlaw revealed that the development team always keeps future projects in mind. As such, Laidlaw confirmed that they do have a rough plan for what will happen in the next two installments of the Dragon Age franchise.

While BioWare might flesh out parts of a game’s story ahead of time, the developer doesn’t look further into the future than the next few entries. The creative team won’t bother figuring out what is going to happen beyond that. For example, the Dragon Age director admitted that even he doesn’t know how the series will eventually end since they haven’t planned the story out that far in advance.

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Relientk77437d ago

I'm ready for a 4th game, hoping it's great. Put a lot of hours into the first and Inquisition

PS: Isn't it ironic that the site reporting this article is Inquistr

PiNkFaIrYbOi437d ago

Unless they muck it up as bad as Montreal did ME:A.

Zerito436d ago

Just please invest in the animations.... Animations are really important for story-wise / immersion in the story, i love dragon age lore

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