Suikoden Tierkreis JP Release Date Confirmed

The most recent update on Konami's Genso Suikoden Tierkreis Japanese website states the release as being the 18th of December, 2008.

Also, two special editions are available when ordering for Konamistyle, with a two-disc soundtrack, an 96-page artbook, five bookmarks, a Tierkreis story CD, a Suikoden calender, and two CDs featuring content from the Suikoden Radio Show.

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Vertius3792d ago

I'm amazed how quickly this is coming out, personally. Their "50% complete" comment must have been an exaggeration, or they were only working on it during their lunchbreaks until July...

Good news, nonetheless. My life could use a bit more Suikoden injected into it.

ExcelKnight3791d ago

Good news about this coming out so soon. Here's hoping Suikoden VI will be among the announcements at TGS (Konami have one unannounced game for PS3).