Manhunt 2 Dated in UK

Matt Wales of IGN writes:

"Via a slip of innocuous paper and a frankly terrifying promotional gimp mask, Rockstar has revealed to IGN that its oft-delayed Manhunt 2 is finally set to release on Wii, PS2 and PSP in the UK on October 31."

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andron3788d ago

Would prefer to play the original unedited version though.

But I guess the gimped version will have to do for now.

Will_Smith3788d ago

Honestly bro, its not even that great... they gimped it baddly. The executions use to be what made the game great, now its all lost in a cloud of static and noise. Unless you have a custom FW and plan on running it on the PSP, then game on

jay23788d ago

Good, about time considering it was un-banned in May.