Forza 2 - Community Spotlight - Illusion of Depth

Shades of light and dark create the illusion of depth on the innovative designs from Car Studio.

Every once in a while someone comes along and re-defines what Turn10 thought was possible with the livery editor in Forza Motorsport 2. Since Forza Motorsport 2 launched just over a year ago we have seen incredible developments as players figure out how to maximize the potential of this powerful tool used to create custom designs. Innovation is the key word here, and when it comes to creating custom works of art, Forza's painting community will never cease to amaze me.

So when Turn10 stumbled upon the amazingly simplistic designs from Car Studio, Turn10 was absolutely blown away. Turn10 says they are simplistic, mainly because thats exactly what they are when you look beneath the flashy outer layers. At first glance you may not even notice the subtle illusion of shading, and that's exactly what Joey Lee (aka StickyDilJoe) founder of Car Studio is aiming for.

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Dareaver14762d ago

There are some really talented gamers out there. To be able to take what the tools the game gives you and expand on them is real talent. I think that this is totally awesome and news worthy.

The creativeness of gamers is infinite.

Dareaver14762d ago

this guy really is that good....

shine13964762d ago

@Dareaver1: I was about to say that he was good but not what I call the cream of the crop. However, those pics are pretty awesome...

green4762d ago

The skyline is actually the best one, that was very impressive.Because of this article i just checked back to the auction house in Forza 2 just to check what was on offer and it really is impressive what gamers can do with the right tools.

I wish i was this creative or i wish i new someone who could at least show me how to use the tools to achieve some better designs because my designs are pretty basic.

Dareaver14762d ago (Edited 4762d ago )

i like the red Infinity pic with the gray Top Secret model next to it. I never meant to say he was the best, just that in general, gamers are awesome. here's another pic of someone elses cars, this level of detail must have took forever to achieve....

Dareaver14762d ago (Edited 4762d ago )

sometimes i don't know why, but the site won't let you post pics....

here's a link....


green4762d ago

Amazing,Forza 2 is simply the best.Is there a video online that shows you how to utilize the customization tools to a much higher degree?My cars look good but but they are limited to just stripes,decals etc.i would like to do more than that.