AM2R Developer Hired By Moon Studios, Working on Ori Sequel

Readers might remember AM2R, a fan game re-release that brought Metroid 2 off of the Game Boy and into modern times. It was extremely well received in the short time it was available, wowing critics and the long suffering Metroid faithful alike. Nintendo DMCA’d the project within 48 hours and then announced their own Metroid 2 remake in collaboration with MercurySteam on 3DS later at this year’s E3.

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XiNatsuDragnel803d ago

Very informative and wonderful they get the chance to develop this game. #Futureofgaming

meka2611802d ago

Hell yea more companies need to do this instead of just giving people a cease and desist. Sega did the same thing with the guy that made those fan made sonic games. He is working on both of the new sonic games coming out soon. This guy made metroid 2 better than nintendo did.

Apocalypse Shadow803d ago

Good job getting hired. One of the best fan made metroid games ever made. Good luck to him.

leahcim802d ago

congrats !
AM2R was a blast.

MetroidFREAK21802d ago

Good for him! Well deserved!

gleepot802d ago

This brings a big ole smile to the face