Top 7 Perfect Video Game Holiday Destinations

After our Editor has the most horrific holiday of his life, he escapes into his own head to countdown what he believes to be the 7 top holiday destinations as featured in video games.

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ImYoonA440d ago

That thumbnail has nothing to do with the article?

PixelCrashers440d ago

Thanks for your input.

I didn't want to use a still from the list as I wanted them to be seen within the list.

A picture of a still from a beach IRL seemed even less relevant.

It's a middle ground. Also, who doesn't love Dead Or Alive bottoms?

ImYoonA440d ago (Edited 440d ago )

The reason why I commented because I saw DOA's picture and read the title, I thought one of the best 7-holiday destinations is Zack's island so I clicked and read, turned out there is no Zack's island hence the comment.