WWE 2K18 Vs. WWE 2K17 Comparison Images Show Amazing Difference Due To Brand New Graphics Engine

ThisGenGaming says "2K Games were not joking when they said the new graphics engine will make WWE 2K look better than any other WWE game."

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Travis3708439d ago

Nice! they finally got a new engine! It's been way overdue for the graphics to be on NBA 2K level. I wish Madden would update close to NBA2k or even NHL

hamzilla439d ago

Madden this year joins the Frostbite 3 engine. And NHL next year will be Frostbite too

andrewsquall439d ago

So Madden gets the heads of generic soldier characters from a Battlefield game now like every other human character model in a Frostbite engine game? Sweet. Even a racing game like NFS has it lol.

RommyReigns439d ago

I doubt the graphics, gameplay and general atmosphere to be on the NBA 2K level this year despite the new engine, with the way WWE evolves and switches around as a product every year it's harder for 2K to keep up and build on them like the way they do it for NBA 2K. They are still behind on crucial aspects such as the shoddy commentary, the online, the limited action outside the ring into the 'WWE Universe' (audience), gimmicks like that Submission mini game and the 'reaching a briefcase/belt from a ladder' mini game, and last year they had to remove the Showcase mode (by far the best thing on 2K16) for 'developments' to Universe and MyCareer (which still turned out to be shoddy). The game could be so much more of a WWE experience than what it is, and 2K17 summed it up well.

I was holding off preordering to see the collectors edition, unfortunately it's an overpriced John Cena edition (likely no 'Dr of Thuganomics' or the actual non-PG chants in the game version of the RVD vs Cena ECW One Night Stand 2006 ( ). At this rate I'm holding off to see how the game turns out at launch and maybe then wait until the collectors edition goes for half the price.

Channel-Live439d ago

Madden did. It is now Frostbite

Cmv38439d ago

But... have they fixed the submission system?

Prince_TFK439d ago

I stopped playing WWE2k17 due to the garbage submission system. It was very confusing and had gotten to the point that I would lost every match when a submission is applied onto me.

439d ago
CobraKai439d ago

I agree. I read and watched different tutorials but the AI just knows exactly where I'm going even when the match just started. I switched to the button mash one and never looked back.

jrshankill439d ago

You do know they patched the last game and added the old submission system again (breaking points)

Avalanche439d ago

now if they can only fix the garbage fighting system

439d ago
YAO-BLING439d ago

they need to go back to old school smackdown fighting system

Gotcha5439d ago (Edited 439d ago )

But does the characters still walk like they have the gout?

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