Why Gamers Should Stop Caring About Hard Mode

Screen Critic Joe explores the value and necessity of a 'Hard Mode' in modern games in light of Nintendo locking higher difficulties behind Amiibos

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lellkay1097d ago (Edited 1097d ago )

Disagree with the article.

ShinRon1097d ago

the premise of the article is weak... hard mode is always my preferred choice.

ifrit_caress1097d ago

This writer is clearly smoking something.

Princess_Pilfer1096d ago

You don't need to disagree. It's basically objectively wrong. I've been playing Persona games for a decade. Normal difficulty in all of the (modern) titles is just flat out easy to me. Most (though not all) Wasteland 2 and Baldurs Gate style CRPGs are in similar situations. Dragon Age Origins is easy even on nightmare, with any flavor of heavy armor user, blood mage or archer allowing me to breeze through the game more or less unopposed after the first couple hours (the tutorial forest is *easily* the harders part cus you haven't had time to grab good gear yet.)

This is why easy and hard modes are in games, so genre veterans and the people who've played the game already can still get an interesting challenge, and so total novices can experience the game without being crushed by unfamiliar and sometimes arcane mechanics. I'd argue there are actually better ways to do this than most difficulty modes employ (ie adding/removing mechanics and changing enemy encounters and AI instead of just scaling enemy damage and/or levels) but their exsistance is still valid.

ifrit_caress1097d ago

I say we need hard mode much more than invincibility mode.

Summons751097d ago

I'm fine with harder difficulties and gamers wanting more of a challenge. What I do hate is how "hard mode" to most developers translates to turning enemies into bullet shields or practically invisible and call it a day, it doesn't add meaningful difficulty just more resistance.

morganfell1097d ago

Agreed. They do not really make enemies smarter, more human like. Just bulletproof.

I say we need great experience mode more than any other mode.

meka26111096d ago

Also agree, the japanese are notorious for this, just look at DMC higher difficulties, just makes you weak and the enemies have way more health.

InKnight7s1097d ago

Does Nintendo really locking hard mode behind theur figures?! WoW its pathetic how people still support their methods.

meka26111096d ago

Exactly, but thankfully there is a way around purchasing all the BS amiibos and still get the content. Can't say here, but pm me if interested.

iDadio1097d ago

I play everything on hard because otherwise they are generally too easy. I can't sit down and rampage through the game on normal where's the fun in that.

As someone said, I'm not a fan of pure artificial difficulty like making things just unfair outright but a fair and balanced hard mode is something most people will want.

If you don't want hard mode fine but don't claim we don't need it because your trash at games.

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The story is too old to be commented.