Destiny 2: Why I Am Very Concerned

With Destiny 2's release hovering on the horizon, find out why Screen Critics Charles has concerns about the game.

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chris2351105d ago

i am not concerned. it is the rule of the market that a sequel seldomly surpasses the predecessor in sales figures. so they are trying to make up for that with microtransactions. too bad only a very tiny fraction of gamers goes to blogger sites to read about their hobby. so i guess they will be getting away with it. minus my wallet.

Shin-Zantetsuken1105d ago (Edited 1105d ago )

The article is total BS trash! I hoped to see some real reasons but the author's article goes something like "what if Bungie did this! That would truly suck, right?" Nothing but speculation with no evidence to back it up.

The author says he says he hates microtransactions so WHAT IF Bungie started selling exotics for real money?? OR what if they started selling strange coins for real money?? That is why he is concerned about Destiny... It is obvious that the guy knows nothing about Destiny 2 and has no idea about the original Destiny either except for that Xur sells exotics for strange coins and there is an Eververse shop in the game. We dont even know if Xur exists in D2 or strange coins still exist.

Haters are finding the pettiest reasons to hate on the game and if they cant find one they make it up themselves. The game is already a success with higher preorders than Destiny and more players in the Beta than Destiny 1. Haters have no power over D2 and millions will buy and enjoy this game which is apparently turning out to be excellent.

NewMonday1105d ago

4v4 MP is why Destiny will fail, was a dedicated fan until this

xHeavYx1105d ago

Haters be like "is more of the same, so I'm gonna go play COD"

Shin-Zantetsuken1105d ago


There are some people who are not happy with 4v4 PvP but personally I do not understand what is their problem with with 4v4. Why does it matters? There were several 3v3 modes in Destiny 1 as well and that did not make them less fun. Trials was 3v3 too.

BlackOni1105d ago


Becuase those we MODES. They weren't the default setting for the game, they were optional. Bungie removed the option for 6v6. When I played Destiny night till day, I had a ton of friends who all wanted to play together. The 3 man format didn't work for playing with multiple people, so we settled for crucible. Now our only option is raids.

LensFlareHD1104d ago

This is an OPINION piece. If you knew what that meant you'd realise that your comment is irrelevant to the Article. I think his concerns are perfectly within reason and with the way developers are these days, I share the exact concerns as he does. He does not need to provide evidence because this article is, as you say, "speculation" and given that is the ENTIRE point of the article, I think an apology for your absent-minded criticism is due. Just because you can't possibly bare the thought of the sequel to a game you enjoyed, being flawed in ANY way whatsoever, doesn't mean the author doesn't have valid concerns.

D3TH_D33LR1104d ago

NewMonday lmao no it's not. In fact it'll do better especially in the esports sector because of this. Get good

Shin-Zantetsuken1104d ago (Edited 1104d ago )


I am not apologizing for anything! I cant believe you are defending this terrible clickbait article with no substance. You cannot write opinion pieces based on imaginary concerns! Opinion pieces are also based on currently known information and events.

For example, an author can write how 4v4 PvP wont be successful and fun because we know D2 PvP is 4v4. Or how the game is being casualized based on streamlining of systems since we know classes have less ability slots. However, he cannot write a totally imaginary article about he is very concerned that Bungie might sell strange coins for real money. There is no precedence or indications that Bungie will sell exotics or strange coins.

This article is just a waste of space and filler. The author is just looking to get clicks by getting on the latest hate train. And you are just a hater defending him. Give me some valid concerns and I will acknowledge them.

Mefdar1104d ago (Edited 1104d ago )

You cannot be serious, the beta sucked real hard. It was a snorefest. I was snoozing on every corner of the first mission, awful sound design, almost identical graphics to the first game, same inventory, same interface same powers with little diferences, same animation, same movement styles. I also tried the multiplayer and it was boring as well bland maps with nothing dynamic with only 8 people in a match 4 v 4. Instead of making a bigger better game they eliminate things and left everything the same as possible. If Bungie succed in something was in transporting everyone back to 2014. It has to be the laziest sequel ever. Destiny 2 it's not a 2017 game.

NewMonday1103d ago (Edited 1103d ago )

like BlackOni said 3v3 were modes, and they were something I avoided even for just easy bounties.


don't want to "get good", I play games for fun, and fun seems to be completely sucked out of the Destiny franchise now.

LensFlareHD1102d ago

Hey, guess what?! There's a new promotional deal on destiny 2! Pre-order the game and get an EXCLUSIVE EXOTIC WEAPON! I guess the author had valid reasons for concern!

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Berenwulf1105d ago

I liked Destiny 1 but I'm not gonna buy Destiny 2 because I just don't have the time for it... It's almost a second life if you want to have good gear... And the raids take hours, and you have to look for people to join your group...

OffRoadKing1105d ago

Getting into groups I think will be significantly easier this time around with the LFG system essentially being built into the game but I agree with you Destiny is a time suck. You just have to know how to manage your time, but thats true of any game really.

Lostbytes1105d ago

once you figure the raids out. 2 hours tops to run any of them, 30-45 minutes with a good squad. As far a gear goes, i was max light on all 3 of my characters within 3 weeks of the last light increase. they had really increased the number of paths to 400. But if you don't have the time, you don't have the time. FYI in my 50 years of experience, people make time for the things they want to do.

Father__Merrin1105d ago

i am not concerned i dont see the point of this article. just the heading is enough for me i wont be clicking on link it should not have been approved. gamers enjoyed destiny 1 and they sure will enjoy destiny 2

Leeroyw1105d ago (Edited 1105d ago )

'I don't agree with this article that I'm not going to read based on the headline'?

Aenea1105d ago

I've read the article, it is a BS article. The writer is concerned of things Bungie might do, not based on any evidence or reality whatsoever...

Shin-Zantetsuken1105d ago

I read it and it is nothing but "what if Bungie did this!?" Hypothetical and speculative BS. He does not have any legitimate concerns because the author has no idea what Destiny 2 is about. He does not talks about 4v4 PvP or ammo economy or weapon slot changes or story campaign or lack of 60 fps or weapon balancing, class abilities, etc. He talks about what if Bungie started selling exotics for real money...

D3TH_D33LR1104d ago

It's an opinion piece so who cares if he agrees or not. I don't agree with the article either.

The_KELRaTH1105d ago

I could be tempted by the PC version if it turned out to be moddable but somehow I think every effort will be made to make it as non moddable as possible. I always felt Destiny 1 could have been so much more fun using the Patrol areas as 5 to 7 flag CTF, domination, conquest style fps with 16/32 player base. I really don't think a 4 v 4 on PC with standard game options as "features game modes" is going to go down well. I remember when they promoted a new crucible game mode in Destiny 1 which turned out to be 2 v 2 instead of 3 v 3 lol. Maybe I was just spoilt with games like Unreal Tournament etc where you set just about any option you wanted and even create your own game styles via mutators!

1105d ago
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