Too Human: Reflections on E3 2006, New Screen

By now, everyone's publicly aware of the hard time Silicon Knights experienced at E3 last year with Too Human -- an unfinished demo, playable on the show floor, that received constant criticism from gamers and press alike. Since then, however, the studio has "gone dark" and revealed next to nothing about the action adventure since.

They appear a bit more confident about talking about Too Human now, though, as Silicon Knights president Dennis Dyack updated the company's long-stagnant IGN blog with thoughts on the game's performance last May:

power of Green 6096d ago

Looks like TH's coming along nicely!.

DJ6096d ago

or Gears. All these sci-fi games are starting to look similar, which is kind of depressing. Either way, I hope they came up with a better battle system than last year.

power of Green 6096d ago

URT has a cartoony art style.

lol it's not like the 500 pound sword carrying girl-boy genre's diverse. lol

Quote: All these sci-fi games are starting to look similar", Too Human an RPG-ish upgradable 3rd person charector doing super human acts plus being a shooter with a realalistic martial arts component hmmm?. The only thing "similar" in these game are the solid charectors.

You do not care how 360 games turn out you don't want or own a 360 so stop making yourself look foolish.

DJ6096d ago

I said "sci-fi games". Why are you getting all insecure about the 360 when I didn't even mention or imply that platform in my statement? Even you said this game looks similar to Gears of War in the article post...

I'm talking about Art Direction, but you made up some amalgamation of different genres trying to explain what this game does.

power of Green 6096d ago (Edited 6096d ago )

I see you what talking about all the new sci-fi PS2 games and Wii titles seem "similar" ; gotch ya!. I was talking about the current graphical milston(detail in enviroments ect lighting basiclly the advanced effects) these two titles(GOW & TH) share Next-gen beauty all i was saying.

Stop with the childish BULLSHIT(insecure) lol nothing "similar" about these titles exept being next-gen looking using non-cartoon-ish art styles as time goes on, I'm sorry if this style and inovative mix of genre's in every MS pushed title is the current milstone for the 360.

#4.2 don't believe you, that was sarcasm in my post RFOM looks nothing like 360 titles it's not even the same genre.

Ok I'll stop with this pointless Bull you came in here to down talk the 360 simple as that.

BIadestarX6096d ago (Edited 6096d ago )

Actually DJ you are doing the same thing you always do. Trying to make xbox 360 game looks bad. You used these kind of comments before about Gears too; where you try to find negative things like Resistance for the PS3 is better than gears, etc. Now you speak of gear (a game you've being very critical of) to compare quality. Obviouly the creators of UE will know how to use it better. This game will have its audience and you will not be part of it, why? because it will never be on the PS3. Period! So, you can say anything you want but this game is going look and play better on the 360 since the PS3 is not getting it; period! Let others "want" this game and go play resistance.

TheXgamerLive6096d ago (Edited 6096d ago )

In fact somewhat incredible in some moments. we only had some sloppy/bad frame rates at times but in this games infancy it was to be expected.

Some, as to be expected with there tired comments will continue to bash in one stray form or another, so be it.

The game will speak for itself.

However, now it's more so in it's beta verison and we should be seeing somre pretty terriffic things.

I can't wait for this game, I think it will be much better than UT or most anything else cept a few Xbox 360 games such as Gears etc...

This is a truly "different" type of game and story line, I think it's going to rock out all of 2007. sales will also be 1 million plus in it's first week.

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Too Human Free for Xbox Gamers - Download It Here

The action-RPG by now-defunct Silicon Knights is now free for Xbox gamers! Check out the Too Human free direct download link with armor sets here.

RazzerRedux1199d ago

Fun fact: I'm one of five people to have completed Too Human and actually liked it. It should be noted that the other four ended up in mental institutions....sadly.

excaliburps1199d ago

I completed it and kinda liked it. Controls were iffy but overall, I dug it. Shame Dyack was crazy. xD

IanTH1199d ago

Glad to hear it! So, when did you get out of the institution?

Marquinho1198d ago

Too Human was "The Order: 1886" of the 360.

Nitrowolf21199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )

I have never played this, mostly because I didn't own an Xbox prior to a few months ago Def. will check this out

darthv721199d ago

It certainly has a cool story and its a good game. it was just marred by long development time and kind of egotistical creator.

Looper1199d ago

Hey!! I was told survivors had all signed an NDA! I'm telling!

Kribwalker1199d ago

i really liked this one too. Always wished for a sequel, but sadly i don’t see it in the cards

excaliburps1199d ago

Yeah, it had a solid story and game mechanics. I remember the controls weren't smartly implemented, and every time you respawned, the animation was so long.

Fantangoooo1199d ago

I can't count the number of times I finished this game gridding for gear. Weird control but I liked it

Neonridr1199d ago

sounds very Polybius to me..