AMD is down playing Crossfire configurations with Vega

"One of the interesting shifts taking place in graphics is the move away from multiple card setups in favor of more powerful single card solutions. This has been going on for some time now, though up until Vega, AMD was still pushing Crossfire, especially when making performance comparisons with Nvidia. With the arrival of Vega, however, expect AMD to cool its jets when it comes to Crossfire configurations."By Paul Lilly

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I was running an RX 480 Crossfire setup until I sold it to the Bitcoin miners and it ran games quite nicely that's for sure. Now I just picked up a used GTX 980 TI. I'm more than happy with that. The problem I had with Crossfire the few times that ran over the last year's is that not all games work and if a game doesn't work you're running at only 50% of your Max and a newer games you need to be at 100%

CrowbaitBob474d ago

I've been struggling with the dilemma of 980ti/SLI vs. 1080 for quite some time now. The 1080ti has pretty much answered that question for me. Now I'll just have to suffer along with my 980ti until the 1080tis come down in price a bit.