10 Third-Party 3DS Series Perfect for the Switch

Twinfinite Writes: The 3DS has seen quite a few prominent third-party series, and moving forward we'd like to see quite a few of those make the jump onto Nintendo Switch.

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Meyers091461d ago

Didn't expect Cooking Mama

_-EDMIX-_1460d ago

why not?

Don't expect series made for the portable DS, 3DS to appear on the portable Switch?

Ummmm ooook.

Those game are very, very, VERY likely.

Atlus already has a SMT being made for Switch, Level 5 already working on Switch Professor Layton etc

Oh but 12 Cooking Mama games and you don't think one is coming to Switch?

Its happening.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

-Capcom - Will definitely bring the Ace Attorney series to Switch. I can see making a HD Collection with the first five games.
-Cooking Mama - Could come but it probably be one more 3DS title first
-Level-5 - Has already talked about trying to get Professor Layton on the Nintendo Switch as well as mentioned YO-KAI WATCH 4 on the Nintendo Switch.
-Silicon Studio - Is currently working on project Octopath Traveler but Bravely Second hints at Bravely Third. They also said they want to strengthen their relationship with Nintendo and has done that by enabling all their engines with Switch.
Not only that Nintendo published and distributed their games because Square Enix US/EU wouldn't.
- Atlus - Well until Atlus is done with the 3DS we won't know what Etrian Odyssey moving to Switch with Etrian Odyssey VI.
- Spike Chunsoft - Has yet to announce their game/s? Either they are waiting for TGS or something of their own.
I wouldn't be surprised if they made a Collection for Switch
- Other Shin Megami Tensei games well it all depends on when Atlus will finally move away from the 3DS
- Gunman Clive could definitely come it was a much bigger success on 3DS than mobile and it's a great game.

I am going to add - Persona Q 3, Inazuma Eleven and Anime games.