FusionFall, the Cartoon Network MMO, is Being Revived. And Remade.

A group of dedicated fans is reviving the Cartoon Network MMO FusionFall. The dev team recently released a limited early-access test build

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starboy11440d ago

Wow, I had a little eddy sprite during the original fusion fall. I'm glad to see it back

aarogree440d ago

I was a big Ben 10 fan back when I played the game. Most of the items I used were Ben 10-themed.

Mangaman27440d ago

Hopefully they don't get sued for licencing

aarogree440d ago

I think they would have been already.

mattdavisop439d ago

Cartoon Network the channel of my childhood :D

JackTheLiz439d ago

So similar to what Toontown Rewritten is doing? Nice!

aarogree438d ago

Well, FusionFall Retro is. FusionFall Legacy is very different and akin to a fan-mod, an extensive one at that.