"Whats going on with Disaster?" Reggie Fils-Aime Answers! Wants Feedback from Fans!

What's going on with Disaster: Day of Crisis for North America?

With seemingly no presence of Disaster at Nintendo's event, it came down to our crack team of covert journalists (they're the guys waving) to get to the bottom of things. And when they caught up with Reggie Fils-Aime, alongside Mark Bozan of IGN, the question was put forth to the Nintendo of America President.

He is going to be reading this very post upon which your eyes are laid, and he will be taking note of what people want to see in regards to Disaster (so no calling out for Captain Rainbow... though that would be good, too). If you're interested in having a Day of Crisis of your very own, then do respond below.

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TruthbeTold3788d ago

...that Nintendo is actually undecided on whether to bring this game to America. I hope Reggie is kidding. But then again, this could all go back to the whole 9/11, Hurricane Katrina approach. Maybe they think it would be frowned upon here by the media, and/or victims of those disasters, used improperly for political purposes or something like that. Bleh...

sarshelyam3788d ago

It's now an issue of IF...not WHEN? Come on Reggie, I am an avid Nintendo supporter but there continues to be less reason to play the Wii I currently own over the other two in this consoles life cycle. It seems awfully strange that Nintendo would allow another 20 "My Pet" games to whatever the demographic percentage is on that series...and yet...a game that could appeal to the core audience that made Nintendo what it is today has to go to the extra lengths to scream "bloody murder" until you take notice? And that only gives us a faint glimmer of hope for a release?

Look...I imported Freshly Picked from both Japan and Europe because Nintendo is apparently too afraid to put a little money into the core faithfuls here in the states...and I'll likely be doing the same with the release of Captain Rainbow, because again, Americans are too uptight for such an ambiguous title.

Come on, I've never been one to sell a system...but even with the advent of Punchout and Sin & Punishment's the loss of unique and original titles like these (Disaster), that continue to disappoint.

PS360WII3788d ago

Well dang I didn't know that Nintendo wasn't even thinking the US wanted this game! Hopefully the big N can get the hint and bring this title our way