Region-Locking Shows Nintendo’s Problem With Localization

Hardcore Gamer: Nintendo has a problem – region-locking. A dirty word for niche gamers and importers alike, Nintendo’s consoles have been consistently lambasted for this draconian and arbitrary restriction. But despite continuous backlash, the Wii U has continued this dubious tradition – and this speaks volumes about Nintendo’s attitude toward localization.

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Dunban672102d ago

How is region locking not a problem? I guess if you don t want to play any region locked games but I do- there are many I want to play and there are many others that want to play them-

Region locking is one of several restricting policies that is hurting Nintendo and its customers

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2102d ago

sure overseas business make no money then on the localization if it never existed

why do you think Nintendo is doing more localization