Was PlayStation 3 Hard to Develop For?

10 Years Ago This Month: Sony's sales pitch as the powerful system took a hit when EA had to explain why Madden 08 on PS3 was noticeably worse than the Xbox 360 version.

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corroios1416d ago

The cpu was hard to work for 3rd party, butt the cell was really powerfull and fast. It wasnt just pr or secret sauce. Uc2 and killzone 2 were amazing. But 3rd party want money. They also problems with the ram. Only first party was able to make huge jumps from first gen games to second gen. It was an expensive console but the tech was much more powefull at launch then this gen.

TheEnigma3131416d ago

Wasn't this already established in 2006? Online Sony's first party studios took advantage of the cell.

Retroman1416d ago

" was PS3 hard to Develop for?"

Here we go again , they been saying this since mid 2006-2007ish . of course the CPU was hard to work with but the Cell was fast and powerful .
Next year Article : " was PS4 to Easy Develop for ?" slow day in office ?

P.S . over last few years N4G been Repeating same subject matter with Slightly different title, same old subject .
I would hate to be a writer busting my brain to come up with a New lie to draw readers interest end up repeating 2006 article again .

Rude-ro1416d ago

I would not say "hard" to develope... but it went against the norm and it also threatened a well established pc archetype of which many in the pc business was against. Not with ill intent, but to try and change the way digital hardware works... it is huge mountain to climb against a well established pc design.
A lot of third party studios kind of just did not try because they did not want to support the change.
It went beyond just gaming with the backlash of sonys cell design.
Sony has always tried to push innovation and sometimes they miss or go to far against the norm and fail. Like betamax vs VHS. Betamax was the superior hardware but they lost that battle as well.
It is why Microsoft created the competition. They were getting beat in so many ways and their monopoly was getting threatened by everyone. Apple, Google, etc etc. Microsoft had to fight back to try save their dwindling sales. Lose the hardware, you lose the os.