Forget Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, It’s Pre-Order Bonus Jak and Daxter I’m More Excited About

Apptrigger: "Who're Chloe and Nadine? I prefer my dynamic duo to be drawn a little more overtly polygonal that's specifically of the Jak and Daxter variety."

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DeadSilence2542d ago

Both great games in their own rights, can't buy to play both.

PhoenixUp2542d ago

"can't buy to play both."


Besides you can already play J&D on PS3

thatguyhayat2542d ago

The ps4 comes with the other missing jak and daxter game

PhoenixUp2542d ago

Yeah but Jak X isn't part of this preorder bonus

DARK_WOLF2542d ago

Would rather play them on ps4 like a normal person.

Not everyone has every console

Deep-throat2542d ago ShowReplies(5)
ninsigma2542d ago

Love the J&D franchise. One of my favourites I've ever played.

RommyReigns2542d ago

Hopefully it turns out to be like the PS3 port and not the shoddy PSVita port.

Deep-throat2542d ago ShowReplies(6)
SilentSolid2541d ago

Nothing can be as bad as the ps vita version. What a waste that was.

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PlayableGamez-2542d ago

That is a pretty generous pre-order bonus.