High Voltage Software to Announce The Conduit Publisher in the Next Week or Two

Kombo writes: If you ask High Voltage Software's Eric Nofsinger what the most-asked question is about The Conduit, he'd tell you that it's, "Who's the publisher?" Well, we talked to Nofsinger at Nintendo's Fall Media Summit in San Francisco today, and while he wouldn't tell us who is publishing the title, he did confirm that a publisher has been finalized and that an announcement of who will be publishing it will be coming in the next week or two.

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BlackArts6663791d ago

wasnt nintendo the publisher?

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3791d ago

No that was a mistake made from the press about what Cammie Dunaway(soccer mom)said.

Maxned3791d ago

25% chance of Nintendo, 25% EA, 50% of some crappy wii developer like Ubisoft.

shadowfox63791d ago

should be supported by nintendo, this game is very good from what I have seen of it so far.