TGC - Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Review

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"Not one to be satiated by the limelight restricted to any single medium, George Lucas is a name that can be heard resounding from within the offices of many a creative industry. Having now dabbled in film, video games, comic books, figurines, and Lego, nobody could reasonably accuse the man of being conservative. The employees down at LucasArts have been working late once again, and as a result this review is able to focus on their most celebrated franchise; Star Wars. You may have heard of it. Out come the diehard enthusiasts with an affinity for the franchise – lightsabers, the universe and everything – to unleash their opinions of this brand new game's worth on the unsuspecting public. And although said diehards may feel an inevitable desire to praise this latest edition to the Star Wars family, it has to be said that the news isn't all good."

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