Revisiting Frontlines: Fuel of War

Jason Stettner of Gamerheadquarters writes; "Frontlines: Fuel of War is a game that can honestly be forgotten, it was an average shooter and at that it certainly hasn't aged well."

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spicelicka1223d ago

LOL what a random revisit. I remember liking the demo for this game, but never bothered buying it.

skycaptin51223d ago

I bought it at launch, the game has been sitting here for years and it became backwards compatible so I was like meh why not

Profchaos1223d ago

I remember buying it for $2 on steam and playing it for 20 minutes

Asuka1223d ago

Completely forgot about this game. Remember being hyped about it... probably not that hyped about it seeing as how i never bought it amd forgot about it haha

Scatpants1223d ago

I wanted this game to be good but it was bad. Interesting ideas though.

sonicsidewinder1223d ago

Wasn't a bad game. Clunky, but enjoyable. I still remember one of the loading screen captions; real poignant and deep...

"Our last drop of oil will be burnt by a tank."