Where Have All the Marvel Games Gone?

As Marvel continues to break box office records, their video game presence is dwindling, especially on consoles and PC. So where are all these games going?

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Godmars290816d ago

Answer: The Mouse owns Marvel and doesn't care about games.

Majin-vegeta816d ago

Wrong Marvel has just started taking console gaming serious again.Thats why there's a resurgence of their games coming.

Liqu1d816d ago

Exactly. Good games take time to make and they've got Spiderman coming next year, Square Enix are making an Avengers game and they've probably got some other secret projects in the works.

Godmars290816d ago (Edited 816d ago )

One: The Spiderman push is Sony.

Two: Expect Marvel characters to show up in Kingdom Hearts.

As far an I'm aware their Lego/toy collector knock off was selling decently yet not decently enough when Disney canned it. Hard to believe that they'd be that fickle, unless outside companies like Sony and Square approached them offering to carry the cost while profits to borrow their IPs.

KwietStorm816d ago

Completely false. Marvel has actually been very transparent for over a year now about their new gaming initiative, as they moved away from Activision abusing their licences. Spiderman PS4 is coming, Marvel Heroes Omega has relaunched, they have a multi-game deal with Square Enix, Marvel vs Capcom is coming back.. This article is a little out of the loop.

MisterRay815d ago

Changes are happening, which is mentioned in the article, and hopefully they're changes that lead to a trend rather than an exception. The article wasn't so much about the future of Marvel games, but where they have been for the past decade and change.

Godmars290816d ago

Also a thing about MMO/FPS haven't fully gone away as the main mechanic.

PhoenixUp816d ago

We've still been getting more Marvel games than DC games

InKnight7s816d ago

Dc? Remind me one Green Lantern, Batman, Injustice aaaaaand.... ?
Its been like this forever just batman games and flopped superman games.
I dont recall Flash, Wonder, Aqua, Atom, Supergirl, Arrow, etc ever have games.

MisterRay815d ago

The best Superman game was, ironically, LEGO Batman, when you could play as him. I would love to see other DC properties get titles, too (in fact there's an article covering exactly that: Though highly unlikely, a Young Justice game to coincide with the third season would be welcomed. Aquaman did get a game, though. The less said about it, the better.

MisterRay815d ago

That's true, but not by as much as you might think. The problem DC games have is they're almost all about Batman. Batman's great, I love Batman, but his one super power of being able to leap into any DC franchise and make it about him is tiring.

jaymacx815d ago

Batman translates well in video games. Because of this he gets over used. With DC characters dominating TV and movies now, its time we saw some variety in the games. I would love a Flash game.

S-Word816d ago

In the trash where they belong.

TheOttomatic91815d ago

Don't worry due to the recent gaming initiative Disney is now working with publishers and developers to make games for them.

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