Pokémon Go Fest Was A Flop

Around 20,000 Pokémon Go fans made their way to Grant Park in Chicago, Illinois on Saturday with the promise of event-exclusive legendary Pokémon and a great time. Unfortunately, the entire festival went awry. Lines to even get into the event were long and moving at a snail’s pace. Many players were stuck outside in this massive line. Niantic servers were down and users could not log in to their accounts due to the massive player influx, therefore players could not get those sweet, sweet legendaries or participate in raids. Pokémon Go was unplayable.

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Null19801545d ago

We all know why everyone clicked this article...

Cobra9511545d ago

I'm disappointed I didn't get the rest of that unboxing.

subtenko1545d ago

didnt have to click, just thumbnail and comment section

Sam Fisher1545d ago

Honestly i didn't realize the picture till i clicked to expand the article..... sorry....

Vegamyster1545d ago

Yeah that's a beautiful piano.

Ants9091545d ago

I see an asian chick. I click.

modelgod1545d ago

LMAO!! The Pikachu pudding samples looks quite appetizing!!

RommyReigns1544d ago

They changed the picture :(

LazerHoots1542d ago

Was the thumbnail changed? Cause I'm not seeing anything weird. What was it initially?

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littlezizu1545d ago

I'm more interested to knowing the name of person next to pikachu

Null19801545d ago

"Come over here closer girl, so I can take a pikachu." -___-

wannabe gamer1545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

linh miu

NohansenBoy1545d ago

If this thing was hosted by her then it would've passed all expectations though.

SarcasticDuck1545d ago

wow this game is still alive and there's retards who spent thousands traveling there to get a pokechu?

2cents1545d ago

... Pokechu :)

It worries me the lengths people go to for this... game.

SarcasticDuck1545d ago

yeah, I don't know about other countries but when the game came out, the most "popular youtubers" of my country traveled around the country filming themselves playing this, including going to "haunted woods" at 4am for f*ck sakes!

GrimDragon1545d ago

I clicked for the pokebabe

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The story is too old to be commented.