Wii Fanboy Review: Orbient

Review by JC Fletcher:

"In 2006, Nintendo and developers Skip and Q-Games released a series of Game Boy Advance games in Japan called "bit Generations." These lower-costs GBA games emphasized simplistic gameplay and minimalist, abstract graphics. They were very cool. But Nintendo of America, for some reason, decided not to release graphically simplistic Game Boy Advance games two years after the release of the DS.

Now, however, Nintendo has a system for which tiny, simple games make financial sense, and out of nowhere they've resurrected bit Generations as "Art Style." The first game to be remade is Orbital, which, if they had to give one game a visual upgrade, is the best choice. As it turns out, Orbital (or Orbient, as it's now called) is still cool in 3D, and it's still shockingly original even if it is a remake."

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