Second Take: Spore's DRM Problem, Round 2

Ben and Rob break down the response from EA's President, plus the how the fallout has affected the release of the publisher's latest PC title, Crysis Warhead.

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Charmers3788d ago

Interesting vid, they just basically cover everything we already know about this pathetic DRM. I am glad to see I am not the only one that is skeptical about this "de-authorisation" tool. One thing I disagree with though is when they state the review score shouldn't be affected by the DRM. That isn't true when you buy a game you are buying the WHOLE package and the DRM should have a bearing on the overall rating of the game. Just because a developer releases a great game that gets messed up with DRM still means the customer is getting a poor experience

I don't think developers are doing enough to curtail this system and I don't believe they are at the mercy of publishers it is up to them to make a stand and say "NO, our customers don't want this drm come up with something better". All in all an interesting video and it is always good to keep this drm crap in the limelight there is better chance of it dying that way.

pcgia3788d ago

Yeah, I totally agree. It is apart of what you are buying and we want a rating of the overall package.