4CR: Crash: Mind over Mutants Preview

4CR writes: "Wow. Where did this game come from? Seriously, wow.

I was handed this game at the Activision PR event and thought to myself, "great, am I expected to write something for this shovelware piece of crap"? Even when I put the game in the Wii and turned it on I still wasn't impressed. The intro movie looked nice, but the art direction on the menu screens looked awful. And then I started playing the game.

About twenty minutes into the game I turned to Edgar at the 4cr headquarters and said, "what the hell is going on here… this thing is fun… let's look up some info on this game." So we did. Get this; Crash: Mind over Mutants was developed for the Wii first and then ported over to the other consoles. And it's being developed by Radical and published by Sierra. Who knew they even still existed?"

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