Dear Sony – It’s time to resurrect Warhawk

Here's why Sony need to resurrect Warhawk. The game that introduced me to online gaming.

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TheColbertinator1052d ago

Nope. Resurrect Colony Wars instead.

naruga1051d ago

no Colony --Warhawk should be revived ...but pls include the first original PS1 title inside was imo the best Warhwak and one of the best games that early PS1 era

ABizzel11051d ago (Edited 1051d ago )

So much YES.

Warhawk was easily one of my top 5, top 3, and dare I say it top 2, and easily my number 1 most played multiplayer games last gen on PS3. Definitely between Warhawk and Left 4 Dead 1/2. I've poured probably thousands of hours into those 2 games.

Bring them both over to PS4 and I can be a happy man again. I'd even settle for a remaster of the same core games, updated to 1080p @ 60fps, with higher resolution textures is enough.


sonarus1051d ago

War hawk was so great I could never really get into starhawk but absolutely loved warhawk especially the CTF mode.

memots1051d ago

Warhawk had such great control. They dont need to do much with it. Just a shinny coat of paint and more levels/map.

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BlackIceJoe1051d ago

How about both? They both are different enough and I know I gladly would buy them.

_-EDMIX-_1051d ago

Or both

I have no clue what this websites obsession is with either or's.

DarXyde1051d ago

Warhawk was a raging good time. Not many games I cared to play online but Warhawk was such an awesome time.

Sunny_D1050d ago

The balance was so on point in that game.

TheSaint1050d ago

Why even bother coming to a topic and saying something so asinine?

Anyway, as long as it's much more like the first Warhawk and not W2.

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gangsta_red1052d ago

Warhawk was one of the first PS1 games I owned and played. This was when FMV was still popular and being used for CD games. Good times, would love to see it return.

Godmars2901052d ago

They're not talking about the original PS1 game. They're talking about the PS3 arena shooter.

Though would love to see the original apparent 3rd person strategy title that the PS3 remake was going to be. With its flying air fortresses.

gangsta_red1051d ago

Wasn't that Starhawk for PS3? I don't remember Warhawk being for PS3 too.

Bring it all back!

Brave_Losers_Unite1051d ago

Warhawk was for PS3 and the online was phenominal. It also had dedicated servers as a plus

indysurfn1050d ago (Edited 1050d ago )

You both win a prize, there was a warhawk on PS1 and PS3

WARHAWK PS1 year 1995

WARHAWK PS3 year 2007

Godmars2901050d ago (Edited 1050d ago )

Not only can I do that as well, but I can do it better. Show the trailer of the one I wish was around:

And also:

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Godmars2901051d ago

Starhawk was a sequel to Warhawk. Introduced base-building and resource gathering. It also tried to have the story mode that wasn't in Warhawk. That turned out to be only a SP tutorial for the MP game.

jugo141051d ago

starhawk was cool. Loved the base building aspect of it.

jocomat91050d ago

It was not a sequal rather a spiritual succesor to warhawk. We need a warhawk 2. Plain and simple

MrSec841051d ago

I'm pretty sure both Warhawk and Starhawk got dedicated PS3 releases.

It'd be awesome if Sony announced new entries of both, maybe the guys that made Hardware Rivals could be working on it or a small division of Santa Monica Studio could collaborate on a new game with an external dev.

JEECE1051d ago

You could post a comment about how you love puppies and hate taxes, and you'd probably still get downvoted.

gangsta_red1051d ago

I rallied for world peace and was disagreed to high heaven....oh well

Godmars2901051d ago

"I rallied for world peace and was disagreed to high heaven....oh well"

To be "fair" you have often launched full on at any who dare question your system of choice.

Then again most here have been called an Xbot and PSlave one time or another. Or more of one less than the other.

Or was that just me?

gangsta_red1051d ago

I have often launched full on at certain members who were obviously misinformed and provided my take on their opinion. These certain members have often publicly stated how they hate to see a certain excitement some gamers have for a system of choice.

Meh, what are you going to do right? No matter what people are going to ramble on and sing their song.

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FallenAngel19841052d ago

One of the great online experiences from Sony. Starhawk was a great follow up

madforaday1051d ago

Starhawk was not a great follow up, they totally changed the game play by making it a base builder. People were already noobs in Warhawk and Starhawk almost made the game unplayable. I played maybe 10+ games and I did not have a single close game or even a semi close game. The difference in skill gap was HUGE in Starhawk. That is where the problem start to occur. They should of just left the SP out of Starhawk, that was just poorly done. I will say that Warhawk would be a great edition to the PS4 family and I would LOVE another Warhawk game or a remake.

vickers5001051d ago

What I remember of starhawk:

Both teams spamming base barriers on their bases so that literally no progression could be made, and tanks sniping each other from across the map. That was probably the last time I played that game.

It was a cool concept, but it doesn't work in a real gameplay environment as players won't use it the way it's supposed to be used, or the way devs intend people to use it. The mech aspect was all right though, they should have also had standard warhawks that behave like they did in the ps3 warhawk though.

madforaday1051d ago

The concept was definitely cool indeed. I knew the base building was going to be a hit or miss. Warhawk was already a tough game to get into. Starhawk just added to that difficulty on a game that was already a niche kind of a game.

jugo141051d ago

so youre blaming starhawk for peoples inability to adapt. Typical gamer right here. Starhawk was awesome

Godmars2901051d ago

So long as there wasn't a single group of experienced players versus noobs or ones just playing around.

madforaday1050d ago


Starhawk was great but where is it now and it didn't last as long as Warhawk. Just like someone mentioned there are still people playing Warhawk but NOT Starhawk. No matter how cool Starhawk was it will always be Warhak >Starhawk. I personally HATED the build a base concept because that slowed down the game soo much. If you get on a team who was clueless you really won't be able to do anything that game. To new players that is frustrating and I don't blame them. I would tell them to play the SP to help them out but the SP was awful. I don't think it is the inability to adapt, it is not WANTING to adapt because the game had a steep learning curve and there was no matchmaking ( I think) to get even games most of the time. The games almost every single game I played was mismatched. We would either CRUSH the other team or we would get spanked. In Warhawk, you just have to worry about ground troops and learn to fly. In Starhawk you need to do all of that stuff, and as well, deal with Mechs and base building. I personally liked it but no where near to how much I liked Warhawk. You are being bias because you just see your view and you loved it. Which is fine but sometimes you need to look into other people's eyes. I barely remember Starhawk because it just wasn't the same.

When people say typical gamer, that is so ignorant. You do know this is a hobby of ours. When it comes to hobbies, they are meant to be fun. I know many people who hated Warhawk because it was a steep learning curve and they didn't have the time to learn it. There is nothing wrong with that at all.

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P_Bomb1052d ago

32 player Zones, so good.

Brave_Losers_Unite1051d ago

Binoculars, sniper, and the huge bomb from the plane OP

ArchangelMike1051d ago

Yeah well, after Starhawk flopped I doubt they'll invest in Warhawk. Bring back SOCOM instead.

solideagle1051d ago

and you think after Soccom 4 flopped they will bring back it?


Socom 4 flopped because it didn't have the gameplay that made Socom popular in the first place. Personally I liked Socom 4 but it was no "Socom"

snoopgg1051d ago

I liked Confrontation better then Socom 4.

_-EDMIX-_1051d ago

Or both

I mean you guys do understand those are made by two completely different developers right?

Godmars2901051d ago

Nicely caught. Though they shouldn't be AAA productions.

AAA as a whole needs to go away. Its only real value is empty hype.

madforaday1051d ago


Hype comes from the person and the media. If you ant to end hype, just don't hype it up in your head, simple.

Sunny_D1050d ago

Yeah and they both closed down 😢