10 Games that will Benefit Most on Xbox One X

Jason Stettner of Gamerheadquarters writes; "The Xbox One X is upon us and with that we get the first glance at how many Xbox One games will get enhanced."

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Condemnedman457d ago

looking forward to gears and horizon holding off playing Witcher till I get the X

darthv72457d ago

I'd add in sunset overdrive, ryse and quantum break. Those games could benefit not just from the improved resolution but improved performance to create a solid and stable package.

Obscure_Observer457d ago


Yeah, i´m really curious to see what they can achieve with Quantum Break on the X. That game is 720p on the base X1 and Digital Foundry is guessing they will be able to achieve only 1440p for this game (4x resolution boost)

skycaptin5457d ago

As mentioned I only added games that were confirmed for "Xbox One X enhanced" list. I would absolutely love to see those three, but none are confirmed as getting an update

showtimefolks457d ago (Edited 457d ago )

Could someone please explain it to me how CD project red said they won't be releasing an update for pro because they have supported witcher 3 well and have moved on to now making a patch for X

I am genuinely asking because something doesn't add up here and than xbox fanbase complains that Sony doesn't let developers take advantage of X

If we are going down this path of getting exclusives patches to update games than that's a very bad for consumers on both sides

I rather leave the freedom to the developer instead of trying to buy something like this

In this constant race of trying to out do each other I would hate to be either Playstation or Xbox fanbase who gets screwed because of their choice with platforms

Lennoxb63457d ago

Probably because the PC assets can just be transferred to Xbox in a matter of hours. An update for the Pro could be set for a later date as it takes more work.

conanlifts457d ago (Edited 457d ago )

I agree with Lennoxb. It is probably easier to make the assets available on Xbox X due to the development tools and also increased power. Pro would take a lot more work.

j15reed456d ago

You really can't complain when Sony is trying to buy up all the marketing deals and 3rd party exclusives.

TheOttomatic91457d ago

Doom and Witcher getting support surprised me would love to see both those games on 4K

456d ago