PS3 Gets Stuck Into Playboy Bunnies

At last Sony gets it right! Somehow it's managed to get an invite to one of the parties of the year (the year being 1972) with its PlayStation 3† sponsoring the event.

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nice_cuppa5221d ago

spending there money on dev tools and good games.

Maddens Raiders5221d ago

what are you a druid?
All work and no play makes Ken, Howard, Phil, and Dave K. dull boys! Hell, poor me another Heff!

MicroGamer5221d ago

They put a 360 ad and a Gears of War ad on the same page as a PS3 article!! LOL!!

GaMr-5221d ago (Edited 5221d ago )

Thats wat microsoft is known for hogging all the publicity. Im loving the new Mac/PC commercial though. The one with the impostor Mac. Thats soo either way. Those two chicks are busted but look at those boobies.

Hey Zeus5221d ago

The closet yous will ever get to those Playboy bunnies is through watching Porn on your 180 console in lower quility Hd. In fact all you idiots can't aford Hd televisions because you stupid kids hahahahahahhaha so it wil be the old bulk box Tv's, ahhhh i thin it will go good with the bulk box 180, don't yous.

grifter0245221d ago

Zeus your so funny!!! wow... All you idiots not being able to afford hd tv's???? Huh I guess my 37" lcd hdtv that does 1080p is not hd??? Dang where are these real "HD" tv's that I cant afford???? Ohh ya and your other comment.. I think your also in that category of "The "closet"(LOL) yous will ever get to those Playboy bunnies is through watching Porn " How do you know everyone here will not get close to a bunny??Did you look into the future and see everyones destiny on your imiginary time machine. From seeing your post's you are starting to lose a lot of respect from me.. Heck most people dont even take you seriously anymore. Ohh ya here is some advice which you will probably refuse.. GROW UP ...thats all you have to do just grow up and stop acting like a little kid with a temper tantrum ..bye :)

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The story is too old to be commented.