Splash Damage signs up a partnership deal with Wargaming for future brand new multiplayer projects

Splash Damage, the British studio behind several blockbuster multiplayer hits, today announced their partnership with Wargaming, a leading free-to-play developer and publisher.

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ObviousGoldfish1043d ago

Loved Wolfenstein Enemy Territory but Quake Wars Enemy Territory blew and Brink wasn't much better. Here's hoping they recapture whatever magic they had.

Kleptic1043d ago

Yeah Return to Castle Wolfenstein had class multiplayer more balanced and well thought out than an alarmingly high amount of modern games...Splash Damage and I believe Nerve built it.

I too liked Enemy Territory, but had trouble getting passed how it was never really finished. That was supposed to be the 'big' expansion for RTCW, but Activision started shifting developers in and out (because Tony Hawk was literally exploding) of studios and ET just got released for free, albeit 85% complete.

And also's been pretty much down hill from there.

ObviousGoldfish1043d ago

I didn't know there was another expansion planned. You ever check out the Enemy Territory version for Quake Wars several years back. It wasn't very good but still had legit classes as the original.

I often think that the reason I continue with overwatch is cause it kinda reminds me of ET.

Kleptic1042d ago (Edited 1042d ago )

I played Quake Wars: Enemy Territory, is that what you mean? I'm a little confused; Wolfentstein: Enemy Territory was originally an expansion for Return to Castle Wolfenstein's multiplayer, which released in 2001. RTCW never received an official expansion, just tons of free updates and several free maps, while the official website kept mentioning 'Enemy Territory' as a massive update that would be 'available in stores'.

That all fell apart before release, probably because Activision tried the same approach with Quake III a few years before with Team Arena, and it didn't work out. Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory released for free online, though, a while after. From what I remember most of the devs were moved into Tony Hawk related projects, some others in Guitar Hero, and a few others into an unknown ip called Call of Duty. Enemy Territory didn't officially release online until well after the fact, but I read some interviews after about 'what happened', and it was something like that.

Anyway, was there more than one Quake Wars: ET or something? The one I played was pretty bad. Used Doom 3's engine in a kind of battlefield like wide open area with vehicles,etc., and it just didn't work well. RTCW and Wolf; ET's brilliance, imo, was all the triggering for scripted stuff you could set off, but still left the combat mostly down to infantry. And that infantry...those guys had it nailed down balance wise: The guy with ammo didn't have 200 round light machine guns...the medic didn't have infinite syringes for revives, he needed the guy with ammo for that. The soldier could equip some laughably OP weapons, but COULDN'T MOVE AROUND when they were ready to fire. The sniper had basically a ohk rifle to any part of the body (as no health regen and it was like 90 damage unless head or something), but LT's (ammo guys) had binoculars to call in air strikes, of which did enough collateral damage to an area that camping wasn't even a question...if some dude sniped once and didn't move, he'd get booted by his own team because of the airstrike. Every single map had multiple barriers of some sort that required engineers (with dynamite) to advance, but engineers otherwise were relatively weak...the strategy of team's balancing better classes against who would switch to an engineer at the right time, all with a sliding 60 second 'reinforcement time (die you wait a max of 1 minute, but it could be almost instant depending on that fixed window)...was incredibly fun.

I'm rambling now...but things were good then.

1043d ago