Nine Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 Cult Classics That Deserve An HD Release

There were a number of cult classics that didn't sell like gangbusters, but still worked their way into gamers' hearts. Here's WWG list of nine great titles that deserve a second chance on newer consoles

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evilkillerk2472d ago

Blurs servers were the main issue but would love to see it return.

AZRoboto2472d ago

I'll point out that these games are all from the X360/PS3 era - they've already had HD releases when they first came out. Split/Second and Blur - with the crazy vehicle physics capable today, why would we not want sequels to them?

The other games, all a matter of opinion of course, but... thank you for your ads between every single game. /s

TheDCD2472d ago

Problem with sequels is that they aren't very likely. Activision dropped Blur like a bad habit, and Disney isn't doing games anymore. So I'll happily take the originals.

Relientk772472d ago

Remember Me
Enslaved: Odyssey to the West
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

Miss_Weeboo2472d ago

Alan Wake
Lost Odyssey
Demon Souls

TheDCD2471d ago

As much as I'd kill for a Demon's Souls remake, isn't likely. We'll probably get Bloodborne 2 instead.

PhoenixUp2471d ago

Dafuq kinda title is that? These games were already released on HD consoles though...

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Tomb Raider is coming to Evercade!

The first three Tomb Raider games are coming to an Evercade Cartridge!

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darthv721d 12h ago

Their newer giga cart tech should make for even bigger games coming to the platform. I'm hoping for a Resident Evil collection with the first 3 games.


With Larian Out Of The Picture, Will The Baldur's Gate IP Be In Safe Hands?

Huzaifah from eXputer: "With Larian Studios washing their hands of the IP, what is the ultimate fate of the legendary Baldur's Gate series?"

RaidenBlack13h ago

If anybody's gonna mention BioWare, then look at Archetype Entertainment, they're the new BioWare
or else
Obsidian is still a good choice but not independent anymore.

anast13h ago(Edited 13h ago)

No, WoTC is pivoting to mobile. They can use Larian's work to justify DnD Go and everyone will accept it.

RiseNShine12h ago

Short answer, nope. Long answer, f*ck nope.

Christopher12h ago

Honestly, we're talking completely new engine and none of Larian's built-in stuff with regard to environments and the like that they had from their past divinity game. No one is going to have that just ready to go. So, they need to shop for a dev studio that has a past game that shows what they want.

Obsidian doesn't have that, maybe the closest being Dungeon Siege 3 or Pillars of Eternity, but those are very basic, not as open, very little environment related and altering capabilities. So, we're talking a step way back on what Larian delivered. Zero scene experience to line up with what was done in BG3. Okay conversation tree designs, but still needs more complexity.

inXile has Wasteland 3 as a base model engine, and I think that's better than Pillars of Eternity from Obsidian. But, still needs to be more open world, more environmental effects, and a much heavier rules set adaptation. But, not a bad overall engine as a base, but still a ton of work. Zero scene experience to line up with what was done in BG3. Needs a ton of work on that entirely.

Tactical Adventure did the Solasta game. Really good and more accurate as far as 5e rules than BG3. But, again, if the expectation is similar to what made BG3 a big hit, engine isn't designed for moving the camera, is a bit outdated in graphics, doesn't have in-game scene elements, and needs much better writers/voice actors.

Owlcat of pathfinder games is another choice, even though they've recently moved on to WH40k licensed games. Again, though, the engine is the biggest issue here to match up, but it's a much better option overall than Tactical Adventure. Another question is writers/story telling, as much of their overall story telling bits are very limited with a lot of random worldbuilding elements that are just +\- of some attributes.

TBH, no matter who takes over, it's just not going to be like BG3 much like how BG3 isn't at all like BG1/2. And BG3 was so successful because of how much Larian was able to put in with their engine and how focused they were on players having ridiculous control over the story being told. I just don't see the next BG being the same and depending on what it is, it might be good but I'm not as big of a reach as BG3. It's way more likely players are going to go into BG4 (or its spiritual successor if it moves away from Baldur's Gate and into Neverwinter or something like Plansescape) expecting much of what is in BG3 with more options, new and older characters, and the same level of control over what they're doing. If it doesn't have that, regardless of who makes it, it won't be as successful, IMHO.

CrimsonWing6911h ago

Probably not, but maybe… just maybe…

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New hardware, new lower price! Introducing Evercade EXP-R and Evercade VS-R

We’re delighted to announce a refresh of the Evercade line of retro gaming consoles that not only provides a simpler and more accessible way to get into Evercade and its physical cartridge ecosystem but also brings the price of the products down to under £100/$100.

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darthv721d 12h ago

Evercade is a great little platform. Im surprised more dont know about it.

Vits1d 11h ago

It's a great idea, but I feel the execution could have been better, particularly concerning the quality of the consoles themselves and the fact that those carts are likely not going to last long, given the cheap, bottom-of-the-barrel flash memory they use.