No Gears 2 for PC: Mark Rein Cites 360 Focus Not Piracy Concern as Reason

Ripten reaches out to Epic VP, Mark Rein, seeking his take on why the popular Gears of War sequel will not be making its way onto the PC.

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silverchode3792d ago

porting the game to pc shouldnt be to hard, doubt they will pass the oppurtunity to make more cash.

Nostradavis3792d ago

This is true, but Mark implies that they worked on the two in tandem the first time around, and being that I am not qualified to doubt that, maybe they did.

I know alot of us think you can just flip a switch once a game is complete and port it over, but maybe it isnt that simple.

morganfell3792d ago

No you can't flip a switch but members of the Unreal Developer Network are already playing a level of Gears 2 on the PC. Almost everyone in the Network is aware of this and know it is nothing but politics by Mark right now.

Nostradavis3792d ago

So lets say it is politics by Mark. Wouldn't you agree that if there was more upside he would be less political and put for the effort needed to make the PC version? If that is the case then maybe it is a piracy issue more than anything.

morganfell3792d ago

No because Mark is a businessman and he is simply conducting the age old tact known as product focus. In order to make sure sales are at their best it is necessary to reassure people that there will be no other version.

Then 8 months from now they will announce the PC version and Mark will say, "The demand was just so overwhelming. We never expected that and we certainly back PC gaming. We really never intended to make a PC version and our people have worked quite hard"

Last time around I had already played 5 levels, 5 levels on the PC while Gears was launching on the 360 and Mark was telling people there was no PC version currently in development. Everyone with a license was, in the meanwhile, laughing our collective asses off.

It doesn't mean Mark is a bad guy. Quite the contrary, he is a great guy. He isn't being truthful but he also isn't lying for malicious reasons. It's simply business with him. When you deal with Mark and get to know him you understand that. I don't care for it but it's just Mark being Mark and everyone that knows him knows this.

VF34EJ253792d ago

I agree with Morgan Fell.

And does anybody ever not understand that what companies "Say" is 100% different than what they "Do?"

himdeel3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago ) will have all the bells and whistles standard, patch fixes, extra content, graphical tweaks, AND all the extra curb stomping goodness you can stand anyway. This isn't a bad thing.

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TheDesperado3792d ago

...once the "piracy/360 focus" aka 'MS' contract to keep Epic's mouths shut' is resolved sometime next year.

Twizlex3792d ago

Yeah, I'd agree with this. They also said there wasn't going to be a Gears 1 on PC either, but then they released it a year later.

El_Colombiano3792d ago

Exactly. If you knew it was truly a 360 exclusive you would buy a 360, but since its multiplatform, you don't need to. Its business.

meepmoopmeep3792d ago

they have Fable for the Mac, even.

BlackRaven853792d ago

And this time around, he could just be telling the truth about no PC version. So go play your "PC version" that maybe or maybe not show up next year. Epic didn't make a profit difference when it was released on the PC, but on the 360, it sold extremely well. What makes you think Epic would strike that path again after finding the 360 to be gold for Gears. I'll just wait for the crybabies to start crying how they feel cheated and don't want to buy 360 for the game, and how they are so "Anti-Epic" now that the game won't be released outside the 360.

BWS19823791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

but I was under the impression that Gears for PC sold decently (but not great). Also, people have to keep in mind 360 games are mostly made on the PC (run/tested on the 360), there isn't really much of a "port" to be done.

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gynecologistcobra3792d ago

Well, that's one less game my PC can't run.

Sandwich Bender3792d ago

I really don't see piracy as that huge of an issue with a game like Gears, whose long life is due to online multiplayer, something you can only do with a legit copy.

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