Altdorf is burning (Warhammer city siege endgame begun)

Despite hopes by the developers that Warhammer's city siege endgame wouldn't begin for at least a month, it appears the siege has already begun. Just a week and a half after the launch of the title Altdorf is burning on the EU server Karak Eight Peaks. The Book of Grudges was the first to report on the Altdorf assault, with Wizards and Wenches offering up commentary directly from the forums. From the sounds of things, there were major issues associated with the very first Warhammer city siege ... so many that Mythic might even call foul and reset things.

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LeonSKennedy4Life4381d ago

I would totally be enthralled by this story if I had any idea what the title meant.

kwicksandz4381d ago

I didnt know you could raid the end cities yet!

Chaos on my realm just skirmish over the middle zones havent seen anything big yet but i spose once everyone hits the level cap things will move on.

Jinxstar4381d ago

Yeah basically you can take their city. Kidnap their king and take him back to your city and lock him in the dungeon and throw tomatos at him if you want. The humans have to reclaim him and get their city back and rebuild it. The game is really worth a shot if you like MMO's. Lots of PVP. There is so much you can do and for just releasing it's really amazing.

Perjoss4381d ago

yeah one thing that really surprised me is that you never have to complete a single quest or kill a single mob to reach max level, you can take part in the pvp scenarios from level 1 and they actually level you up faster than quests.

My only concern is that the game world really is fantastic with all the public quests and all, but if pvp is the best way to level will anyone get a chance to see all the great content they created, shame really.

Myze4381d ago

Well, pvp is only really fast if you are in very quick scenarios and you win every game. This is not likely going to be the case unless you have exploits (like T3 Tor Anroc with White Lions). However, the xp is good as long as you win a decent amount of the time, and you are also gaining Renown Ranks, so it is better overall. However, based on my play so far, a combination of quests/PQs is far quicker than Scenarios. The only time I've felt the RvR was the fastest was when defending a keep and our side has a good % bonus to RR and XP.

About the article, I'm sure it's SUPPOSED to take a good 80+ people to siege a capital city, with only a small few defending. Although the article didn't say the number, based on the "tiny" group comment, I would guess that means 20 or so. I thought they had tested city sieges in beta (I had stopped playing the beta a good bit before this), but I guess they didn't, or it was enough. I'm sure they will change this somehow, and it really shouldn't be all that difficult to create (could be wrong, of course).

jerethdagryphon4381d ago

its exactly the pvp element that says i wont buy itexcept to rip it apart to look at assets